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  1. Hello everyone. I just got two M.2 SSD (NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 / SATA). I want to do a raid 0 setup. I am not sure which stripe size I should choose. I did some research but most of the articles are years old or the answers are not conclusive . I plan on install my os, programs, and games on the raid 0 set up, which stripe is the better choice (16,32,64,128)?
  2. lin9406

    How to check if my hdmi cable support 4K?

    Hey man just one more question. By for the basic you mean 4k at 60hz? So the one I ordered will support 4k at 60hz?
  3. lin9406

    How to check if my hdmi cable support 4K?

    Yes I like that cable, too bad is too short for my setup
  4. lin9406

    How to check if my hdmi cable support 4K?

    Wow thanks, such a good reply. So basically if my cable does not support I will have problem like in the video? This is the cable I ordered, some reviews said it does not support 4k https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Matters-Gold-Plated-Speed/dp/B00P2PQBCY/ref=sr_1_1?s=aht&ie=UTF8&qid=1488993908&sr=1-1&keywords=cable+matter+hdmi But it is on the way so I will give it a try
  5. Hello.I recently purchased a ps4 pro. I want to test if my hdmi cable can really support 4k with targeted refresh rate. My pc's graphic card are not able to output 4k, so is there a way to test if the cable can support 4k? What happen if the cable does not support 4k
  6. I love it, but there are some cons too. The fans are quite loud under full load, tho when I game, the fans never really reach their full rpm. As you expect, two GTX1080 in a laptop will generate lots of heat, but still around 80 most of the time. The dual 330w powerbricks are so beefy, they are hard to manage if you care about cable management. The laptop is also heavy as hell. In my opinions the pros outweigh the cons a lot. The performance is just insane, The keyboard is honestly the best one in all of the laptops right now. Materials are very nice. The software are useful and easy to navigate
  7. Hello ladies and gentlemen: I am looking for a new pair of earphones, I mainly listen to edm, house, and pop music. Sadly I dropped my arm2 into the ocean, I think I would not be looking for a new player. I will just use my iphone5s instead. I am looking for something that an iphones 5s is powerful enough to drive and good with edm, house, and pop. I spent days doing research but just end up getting more confused. I wish to get some suggestions for my candidates. My candidates are: SE846, W60, IE800, K3003I, IM04, GR8e, GR10e, AKG N40. Price is really not a factor for me, as long as it is below 1000$ and can be driven by an iphone5s. Please provide me some suggestion, I have done too many research that I no longer have an opinion anymore. Thanks in advance!
  8. lin9406

    Should I turn on G-Sync when playing FPS games?

    Thanks for replying. So when I play competitively. I should turn off all the sync features. How about when I play RPG game like dark souls 3, should I enable vsync with gsync? or just gsync?
  9. lin9406

    Should I turn on G-Sync when playing FPS games?

    So when I play non competitive games and want to use gsync, should I enable vsync or just cap my fps?
  10. Hello, I got a 2550x1440 144hz g-sync monitor. I mainly play FPS, MOBA, and RPG games. I know turning on G-sync in RPG games is beneficial. When it comes to FPS and MOBA (Competitive games) I am confused. I am using GTX 1080 SLI. So when I play competitive games, my FPS usually exceed my refresh rate. 1. Is enabling gsync in competitive games gonna introduce input lag? Should I turn on vsync in the Nvidia control panel as well? Which option has the lowest input lag? I saw Linus made a video to test, at higher FPS, g-sync should be turn on with vsync to reduce input lag. But when I asked Nvidia they said I should never turn on vsync 2. Since my FPS exceed my refresh rate, if I cap my FPS, would I increase Input lag? I saw a video that said more fps can reduce input lag. But i am not sure if it is true. If it is not, then uncapped fps just gonna turn into heat.
  11. Well it's a 5 KG laptop, it is heavy, but I think I will prefer performance over portability.