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  1. OK, Same with USB SOUND CARD. I Will not even bother to put PCI EXpress sound card scince i am convinced that noise is coming from the case. Please recomend maybe there is anything to do with BIOS? So i think i have only one option of bringing something like amplifier in chain to see if it will be the same(BUT HDMI to tv from this mobo was giving the same trouble when speaker were conected by aux jack in TV.) CAN PSU cause anything like that?Water cooling? I am really out of ideas...
  2. Was away on Holidays. Had to buy other front panel scince the old ones audio never worked from the day i bought the case. And it still gives me the same sound. What next?> USB audio card? SO sad i have to get myself another device i dont really need and no guarantees that it will change anything.
  3. I don't have one. And none of my friends do. No amp, no equalizer, no external sound card. If none will suggest anything that doesn't involve me to spend money on hardware i don't really need. I will get in few next days and post result.
  4. Good day comrades. I am experiencing a very nasty issue. I have Combo of 2 studio monitors (Presonus Eris E8) and subwofer (Presonus Temblor t10) So it is playing just fine when i play it from Phone, TV other peoples laptop, even Bluetooth dongle. But i get crazy amount of noise of all kinds when i connect it to my pc thru 3.5 jack on motherboard SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 am3+ Upgraded drivers, tried different types of wires between them and on the intake and wires all fine. Plugs and sockets were tested in different rooms and the result is always one. PC works very fine with other speakers, headphones, microphone. No noise or anything that would unsatisfie. I have Noise even when i connect PC to TV thru HDMI and then TV to Monitors. AS long as PC is in chain with speakers i always get noise, and it reacts to mouse movement. NOISE STARTS ONLY WHEN WINDOWS ASKS FOR PASSWORD(Before that it is silent) Let me know if you have any ideas what it might be, and maybe which part of hardware is causing that.
  5. DDU done the job right. Thanks for advice Raphidy. Now just need to see if there is anything i can do to speed up the boot of my windows. Just freezes for 1:30 minutes at windows logo.
  6. All the directX packages and everything related was installed several times yesterday. Was fighting it till 6 o clock in the morning. No i didn't use DDU, it will finish in 3 minutes, so if i dont post succes that means i am on my way for windows cd to do recovery, and then reinstall windows if recovery is useless . After 10+ hours of trying solving problem it is just easier to reinstall windows at this point.
  7. Manually uninstalled them, then installed them Too Late for that So i have been trying to install older drivers and got myself a result. Started with old and now have latest drivers again. There is some fault with drivers to card, and it shows when i try to boot game that i need directx. So next thing i need to uninstall directx and install a new one. I hope there is an app to remove directx Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)
  8. Manually uninstalled them, then installed them
  9. Yeah i did. Very wierd but it gave no effect. Restored to defaults BIOS. There was no overclocking. My mobo ASUS sabertooth 990x r2.0
  10. Hello guys, registered here cuz for the first time i cant find anything about my problem. So my mate forgot to put the electicity key in, and my pc shutdown because there was no elecricity. WIndows was instaled about 2 days ago. The windows itself is now booting allot longer but that is not the major issue. Every time i start a game(Black desert,SF5) it doesnt suport any resolution. It starts with very small resolution and all completly unreadable, like there is masive scaling involved. Inside game changing resolution it stops at 1366x768 and even thou nubers go higher the picture doesnt change. And with both of games i cant go full screen. Tried to do system recovery, reinstaling drivers. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 8gb ddr3 AMD FX 9370 R9 270x Asus 27 inch monitor If anyone know or have idea where the problem is coming from, please share your knowledge. Sorry if there are grammar mistakes, it is my third language and i am kinda in a hurry to rechek it all