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  1. Update: Wyze camera issue resolved with firewall rules to allow the ports https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360031479511-What-ports-are-necessary-for-Wyze-Cams-to-operate-
  2. Hey everyone, after about a month of questioning and re questioning myself I went all in on a Unifi set up for my home. I managed to get my network up and working. I've also followed the tutorial below on how to isolate the IOT devices to make them more security but I've ran into issues and also have one more question if anyone is able to help. With the firewall settings, my Wyze cameras will no longer connect. I figure I could create a new wifi channel specifically for them to resolve the issue but I assume there's a way to get them working while maintaining the firewalls. Also, Some of my devices only get 20% wifi coverage on 2.4ghz although they sit between 70-90% wifi experience. In situations like this would you recommend a second access point as a mesh point (I can't wire) near those devices? Maybe an AC Lite? I've tried wifi analyzers to see if it was a channel issue and it doesn't appear to be. Thanks
  3. My local stores "Cyber monday" sale is coming in just over a day so i really need to get this sorted, is anyone able to assist?
  4. Hey everyone. I'm looking to get advice as to what products I should get with my setup, I've currently been recommended Unifi which has a great reputation but there are couple of limitations and questions I have about this before I fully invest. I only have roughly a day and a half to make up my mind on what to get so any assistance in this would be appreciated. What I'm trying to resolve: Over the last year and a half I've been into getting smart home IOT devices like the ring doorbell, smart plugs, smart lights, robot vacuums, Echos etc etc but what I failed to do was do what I now know all people getting into this stuff should do.... make sure your network can handle it and my doorbell and smart plugs drop offline from time to time. With up to 15-25 2.4ghz devices chatting my routers wifi simply is not up to scratch and my purchase of an ASUS 86U gaming edition didn't do the trick either although that model may have a 2.4 band issue judging by the reviews. Range isn't a concern as my place is only 1 story and only 3 rooms long although as I'm renting I have no ability to mount the AP's but I'm told by others that although they won't work as good as they can, they'll still work even when not connected to the roof. Solution: I've been recommended ubquiti's unifi products. I'm coming from consumer products so this is all a lot of information very quickly and am being told they're likely to resolve the issue due to simply being better hardware. Others have recommended multiple AP's just to lighten the load of the 2.4ghz devices as well which brings me to my questions: With this situation, would you recommend the LR or PRO AP? I've read so far that the LR has better 2.4 connectivity but the pro is better at 5ghz (I've got roughly 5-10 of these at the moment) and the pro is 3x3 for both 2.4 and 5ghz which I assume will help the connectivity. Would you recommend i go all in and get the USG or Edge Router & a switch? I was thinking of just placing a non POE gigabit switch to my existing ISP provided router and connecting the AP to that considering it's the wireless that's the problem. If not would going with the USG and any gigabit switch do? I'm planning on using the provided injector mostly because I read that if a non POE device gets power down the line, it can wreck it and id rather not risk that to my Pc/fire cube etc. I'm probably being dumb here but I'm new to this. Would multiple AP's be better than a single one to reduce the connectivity issues with the 2.4ghz network even though there's no issue with range? This is more of an optional extra, is there any way with this to get an external HD connected to the network so I can access it from any device? Appreciate your help
  5. Out of curiosity, is there a router you'd recommend? I'm looking for something that can handle this but perhaps also one where i could connect to an external hard drive on the network. Also with POE, what would you recommend here, I'm a little concerned of plugging in my ethernet devices and accidentally frying them. Again thanks for your help
  6. There we have it then. Looks like Unifi after all. Thanks mate.
  7. Sounds like chucking it on the desk behind a monitor would still work fine then
  8. Is there anything infront of your AC Lite that would possibly obstruct it? Just seeing if it was able to put it behind something.
  9. Not sure which one you mean, All the solutions have 5ghz, the issue is that most of the smart home devices these days only connect via 2.4ghz.
  10. What's your coverage like? Pretty much everyone has told me doing this is just a no go but perhaps since my place isn't that big it would be fine.
  11. Whoops, updated as i left out the number of devices. At the moment I'm running roughly 15 2.4ghz devices to 5 5ghz devices. I'd love to go with the AC Lite or even the Nano HD but I just have no permission to mount anything.
  12. Hey everyone. I'm looking for opinions on what networking set up would be best for me in my current situation and have about $400-500NZD to play with so that's roughly $320 USD so if anyone is able to assist I'd appreciate that. Feel free to tell me I have no idea what I'm talking about and to look into something different. Happy to be told I'm a dumbass if it will save me time and money. The problem: With my network I have little problem with range as my rental is only 14-15 decently sized steps wide in a one bedroom apartment. The problem i have is with connectivity. I've purchased a lot of home automation/smart home devices like amazon echos, the Fire Cube, Sonoff smart switches, Broadlink Minis, Ring doorbell/Wyze cams etc etc. As anyone who is similar with smart tech knows, a lot of these devices connect via the 2.4ghz band which has resulted in my current ISP router simply not being up to standard with several of these devices dropping off the network the more the devices pile up. As a solution I tried the ASUS 86U Here the problem however is that this didn't resolve the issue although I did find the coverage and speed via wireless better, according to the amazon reviews this router as a model may have 2.4 band issues itself so that's probably worth taking into consideration. I've previously been recommended Ubiquitis Unifi range of products IE the USG, any random switch and their wireless access points. While I would love to be able to use these as they're quite highly rated, i don't have permission to mount them and running ethernet cables throughout the apartment isn't possible and I've been told having an access point no matter how good sitting hidden away like a normal router with these isn't such a good idea. I have roughly 15 2.4ghz devices and 5 or so 5ghz devices + 4 ethernet enabled devices.I will be trying to get some of these off the wireless soon with a switch or if the router has more ethernet ports. Possible solutions I've found: Option 1: The Ubiquiti Amplifi HD here Pros: It's not an eye sore I've seen several people with smart homes with them and not report any issues, in fact there's a video of a dude testing his here at 2:18 Reviews all seem pretty positive and it's easy to access their support. It seems not to drop signal in tests I've been told by Ubiquti it has a possible 128 clients although real world testing is probably a lot lower than that. Cons: No Mi Mimo support: Yes I know most devices I have won't support it but for those that can and future devices it would be a bonus (Although it does say it has 6 mimo chains. Not quite sure what that means) Tests I've seen show the speed isn't as good as some single point routers. The USB on the back is disabled so you can't connect a external HD to it. Option 2: TP-Link Archer AX6000 here Pros: AX capability, not so useful now but will be down the line. Bit of future proofing Has Mi-Mimo for that future proofing as well. This does not mention how much "Mimo chains" it has if that's important. 8 Ethernet ports It looks like the hardware is better than the amplifi from a power point of view. Cons: People are reporting 2.4ghz issues on the amazon reviews, although there are few and a firmware update may have fixed this issue judging by the replies. Doesn't have the 24/7 support Ubiquiti does here. Option 3: An Edge Router with a FlexHD Pro: Has the 24/7 support from ubiquiti Is made for sitting on desks unlike the access points. Cons: Ubiquiti have told me it can only support 20-30 devices Currently not available so whether that changes is an unknown What do you think?
  13. As the UDM is set to be a stand alone, it sounds like the amplifi might be the better bet since i cant mount aps for a full set up, they'd need to sit on desks.
  14. What about performance? I know Unifi is better than amplifi but the UDM i assume is also better than it. Just looking for good coverage which can handle 50+ clients (mostly home automation clients so a lot of talking going on) with future proofing I read the Amplifi starts having trouble around 70 clients.