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  1. thanks dude. i found this based on your post and it worked . Xbox one controller works flawlessly, even in the menu, if you use x360ce. Download the 32bits version ( google it), copy x360ce.exe in the game folder. Open x360ce.exe with your xbox one controller plugged in. It should configure itself automatically. I got it working by doing this: Select Game Settings Tab --> pick SplitSecond.exe --> under Hook Mask check these options: COM; LL; DI; PIDVID (this should do the same thing as InputHook set to 2 in older versions of x360ce); Xinput file set to 1.3 32bit https://github.com/x360ce/x360ce/releases/download/ https://github.com/x360ce/x360ce#system-requirements
  2. Hello Forum, I got a new easy smx ESM-9110 wireless game controller. it gets detected on Windows and on steam. but it does not work when Split Second (racing game) is launched by steam. the game doesn't detect the controller. what can I check for? Thanks.
  3. I see... sorry about that. I am hoping a pre-amp would fix the issue.
  4. how do I check for phase? they are connected with a 16 Gauge cable to the 'B' terminal on the amplifier. it has more treble than I would like and EQ does not make it go away. I think a pre-amp might help but not sure. it sounds distorted when playing some tracks but sound okay for others. Thanks for your reply.
  5. I had a bose system before (still do) and these Klipsch speakers sound a bit harsh to me(they definitly sound better than bose though), a bit more treble than I would like. Also, I have experimented with EQ. dont make assumptions about what speakers I or anybody else is used to .
  6. Hello Forum, I have recently bought Klipsch RP600M speakers along with Denon DRA 800 H amplifier. I use Tidal (Hi-Fi/MQ) to stream the music on it. but it does not sound good. what can I do to improve sound quality? does adding a pre-amp help? is the source good enough (I am running Tidal on my phone though I think the receiver streams it directly without involving the phone) Thanks,
  7. Hi Forum,, I have an old Motorola surfboard modem DOCSIS 3.0. Can I install Linux on it and then run Pi-Hole (the network wide ad-blocker) Thanks and Cheers,
  8. Hello Forum, I have a Cloudnet Go projector (link below). How do I upgrade it to latest android version? https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/RK3288-Full-HD-Android-3D-Cinema_60141071987.html Thanks.
  9. Hello Forum, I have an ASUS MB11 PC. Can I replace the power supply on it so that it can support graphics cards that require power from PSU? Would you recommend this or build a new PC from scratch? Thanks!
  10. thanks for the reply! should I go for a 1080p or 1440p monitor then?
  11. Hello Forum, Can GTX1050 2GB work with a 4K 60fps monitor? will it be good enough for racing games? Thanks!