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  1. Aloukat

    Games keep freezing

    Thanks for your help. We have pluged the power cord directly to the wall, but that didn't help. We had now reinstalled Windows, and it looks fine. He had first installed a few games and tested. After 4 hours the error did not show up. So he installed everything back and till a few days it keeps running. We hope this will continue, and had solved the problem.
  2. Aloukat

    Games keep freezing

    Hi Guys, i need your help. I Build a PC for a Friend. It worked everything fine. Since a few Weeks he started having Problems. First, Ubisoft Games freezed every 30 Minutes. Need to exit with Task Manager. -> i Tested and the tempratures are fine, nothing seems wrong. Regarding that are only Ubisoft games i thought of Softwareproblems. So we waited for the next U-Play update. After a while, the Problem steps up. Now the Games are freezing every 10 mins. Now every game Freeze, except Rocket League... Rocket League he can Game 24/7 without problems. I got this PC here, and done some research. There are only one some perflib and perfnet errors in the event protokoll. So we updated everything. GPU, AMD Radeon Software, Chipset, BIOS, LAN, Audio, everything. We tested and it seems to run very well. So he took his PC home. After a few hours he wrote me, that the problem still exist. But now they freeze every 15 mins. How should i go on now? I'm not Sure if it is a Windows/Software or Hardware failure. I Thought about running a Linux Stick, (POP-OS or something) and Game on Linux to test if the Problem still remains. - HDD/SSD: i don't think. We moved the games from SSD to HDD and the problem stays. - Windows Memtest -> nothing found Ryzen 7 - 2700X 16GB RAM (HyperX Predator 3200) Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming GPU: 8GB XFX Radeon Fatboy RX590 650 Watt Seasonic Focus Plus Platin
  3. Aloukat

    I5-6600k motherboard?

    I'm from Germany so my budget is round about 500€ for my PC. So for the mainboard it self I have about 100€ (120$) max. 150$.
  4. Hello together, im looking to buy a new PC, since my Q6600 is pretty outdated. Most time I game on my PC. It should run Payday2, Ghost recon wildlands and GTA V. i planing to buy a i5 6600k with 16GB RAM and of curse an SSD. I would stay with my GTX660 for the next time. (I know I need a new one as well but the other parts have priority) now the big question: which mainboard should I choose? It should stay a wile so I would like to have USB 3.1 A and C. I need at least 4 USB for mouse, keyboard.... for gaming a good integrated Networkcard would be grate. Optic, like LED, didn't interest. Thank you. kind regards.