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  1. Also sorry if there is a post similar to mine I tried searching 1st but I couldn’t find anything snd I possibly didn’t know what I was searching for to be Honest m
  2. Hey guys so I have a i7 3770k and A gigabyte ga-z68x-ud3h-b3 And I wanted to upgrade my ram so I checked the mother board comparability list and the one on intel arc an it turned out that 32gb of 2133 ddr3 was the Max this mother board can handle and figured that it should work out of the box nope wouldn’t even post so I tried it with one of my old dims of 8gb 1333 and boom all set, but not that the speed I want, (I’m not sure if there is a serious down side to mixing and matching memory ) so I wanted to check the bios and immediately knew I was way out of my comfort zone..... When I checked the bios I found mb inteligente tweeter > advanced memory settings > system memory multiplier - i set it to 21.33 then i shut down and swapped out the ram wouldn’t boot would some one be willing to share there smartness with me
  3. hmmm, i hadn't considered going to AMD, sounds good though, thank you
  4. so i was looking a getting a gtx1060 6gb or 3gb, that way i say in a sub $150 budget
  5. im looking to upgrade cause I'm donating that gtx 1050ti to a friend
  6. I currently have a i7 3770k, with a GTX 1050ti 4gb, 16 gb of system ram
  7. so i edit in Adobe Premier, normally 4k footage from a Panasonic GH4. although i do sometimes edit long form videos using AVCHD but from my experience that normally gets bottleneck from System ram.
  8. so I'm looking to upgrade my video card on my pc that i mainly use for video editing. from the video LLT uploaded years ago about red v green for video editing it seems like just having a video card helps, but I'm wondering would there be a benefit in having more vram in a GPU for video editing?
  9. Elvinc

    Video capture cards

    Awesome guys thanks for the input I'll try this out and let you know what happens
  10. Elvinc

    Video capture cards

    Interesting, do you think there might be a way to trick the applications so they think there is more than one capture card?
  11. Elvinc

    Video capture cards

    Is there any way to upload to multiple steams from one video capture card? I curently stream on YouTube live, but I want to stream to twitch and Facebook live at the same time. any idea if that could be done with just one video card? I know it can be done with multiple cards but I'm just curious if anyone has any idea of how to do it with one.