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  • CPU
    i5 750
  • Motherboard
    Intel DH55TC
  • RAM
    2x4GB Kingston HyperX Fury Black DDR3
  • GPU
    MSI Radeon R9 270
  • Case
    Aerocool PGSQ
  • Storage
    240GB Toshiba SSD (Sata 3)
  • PSU
    Gamemax EC0600W PSU
  • Display(s)
  • Cooling
    3x Red Led fans 1x Black Stock Aerocool fan (Part of case)
  • Keyboard
    Motospeed K70
  • Mouse
    Razer Deathadder 2013
  • Sound
    Apple Earpods
  • Operating System
    Windows 64x
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  1. BlazedHardware

    does the touchbar turn on before you login

  2. I am trying to diagnose my macbook pro 2016 13" w touchbar and I need to know if you have to login to your macos account for the touchbar to turn on or if it turns on on the login page.
  3. I was talking about the display assembly cable.
  4. Yeah, that wouldn't explain the touchbar not working. Unless the MacBook requires it.
  5. BlazedHardware

    CPU Fan Stuck On High - Please help this n00b

    Check, is your fan header pin two or three pins, if it's two then rip. If it's three then check your bios for a smart fan setting and enable it.
  6. BlazedHardware

    "Overclocked" Displays black screen for a while (READ)

    It might be Microsoft TDR (I think it's called) where your graphics card dies and your OS tries to keep the system running until your GPU comes back (obviously it can't display anything)
  7. So, I replaced my screen and now if I try and turn on macbook, nothing comes up on my screen or touchbar but my trackpad still clicks and if I plug in a hard drive or something that uses USB power it works. help Maybe it has detected new hardware or it's a failsafe or something.
  8. BlazedHardware

    Did I kill my Mac?

    Hopefully, otherwise rip 1500$
  9. BlazedHardware

    Did I kill my Mac?

    So, I broke my macbook screen (A1706) and I ordered a new one and it's coming in tommorow. Since I know it's coming in tommorow I took my macbook apart and removed the old display assembly and now when I turn on the MacBook nothing comes up on the touchbar, the only signs of life are the fans spinning, the trackpad activating and USB power still works. I was thinking maybe it won't boot because the case cover is not on the MacBook or maybe it won't boot up without a display plugged in. A1706 2016 13" MacBook Pro W/touchbar
  10. Are there any apps that let you boost the force touch trackpad's haptic feedback to above what is allowed in settings. Other apps such as haptic touchbar use haptic feedback that is even stronger than what is allowed in settings for the trackpad. Is there anything like that but for the trackpad and not the touchbar? 2016 Macbook Pro 13" with TouchBar
  11. BlazedHardware

    Can't get back to macOS

    Before you say, CMD-R doesn't work. it's also locked.
  12. I installed windows through bootcamp and another application was also installing and that application restarted the system right before the setup finished. On an unrelated note to that now I cannot get back to macOS. Whenever I try to use startup disk it comes up with a grey padlock symbol (model A1708/06), I have gotten this laptop used and in settings there is no firmware password so why is this coming up?
  13. BlazedHardware

    Overclock Intel iris pro graphics.

    Ok, thanks! I mostly want to get ok performance. Like 120 fps in csgo low settings and 70 fps in fortnite on low settings. CS:GO is shockingly well optimised.
  14. Is it possible to overclock the Intel iris pro 550 graphics in the MacBook Pro 2016 13inch with touchbar? If it is I'll probably undervolt and liquid metal it so I'll have a decent gaming experience. Also, does undervolting increase battery life and can I undervolt the iGPU. I'm happy to use bootcamp as I'll only play games in bootcamp. I have a seperate gaming PC but when in out and about it would be good to get some extra Performancd out of my 1300$.