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  1. Gday yall, I have a possible razer blade lined up to purchase however it is half way across the country so I will need to ship it. This is fine as I can get cover for it with a courier. However what is the best way to transfer the money so that if it is a scam i have some hope of getting it back?? thanks in advance thing
  2. Hello there lads, soon ish I will be going to uni and of course taking my main rig with me however I think a laptop would be a good idea as carting round my rig to lectures might be a pain. I will only really be using it for note taking, presentations and web browsing. My budged is as cheap as it can be really however I would like it to last me the 4 years so nothing properly s*it thanks in advance thing
  3. Gday there all, I recently built a pc for my brother my old 970 that worked fine and (https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/Rw84kT) these bits. Went together fine and had no issues, then a few weeks down the line pretty much every game would crash, the picture would freeze but you could he the game continuing in the background. Then the psu made a funny noise, i had a look at it and couldnt see anything. It has been scilent ever since. Understandably my brother is a little annoyed any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance Thing
  4. My friend wants a decent gaming PC that he can run the latest games well and will last him a while. What is the best he can get for £700 ($900)?? Thanks in advance thing
  5. So my brother wants to get a gaming PC and has a busget of £500 or $650. He wants to be able to play recent games at playable levels but not break the bank. What have you got for me?? Thanks in advance Thing
  6. oh yea sorry, all 1920x1080 so 5760x1080
  7. So I want to invest in 2 more monitors for my setup. All will be all 1920x1080 so 5760x1080 in total I will be playing stuff like Project Cars, Dirt Rally and Assetto Corsa. Will a 970 be powerful enough to handle these at 60fps ish?? thanks in advance thing
  8. So I have a custom mechanical keyboard and it works great, I'm using TMK keymap generator to program it (https://tkg.io/) I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it and if so, how when in use you switch between the layers to get the extra functionality?? thanks in advance thing
  9. well it kind of fell under a few categories, I want to do it myself because: I want to make the case and its just a fun project. Do you know anything about the plate being required?? thing
  10. Okay so I want to DIY a keyboard, I was just wondering if anyone knew if the plate is necessary or just aesthetic?? I'm going to be using a GH60 PCB and then make a custom case for it.
  11. Okay so I want to DIY a keyboard, I was just wondering if anyone knew if the plate is necessary or just aesthetic?? I'm going to be using a GH60 PCB and then make a custom case for it.
  12. You were like 1 or 2 steps off, I always used to forget this. move every factor with D onto the same side on their own so you have 3DU-3DK=.... factorise that side to D(3U-3K)=... then divide it all by that factor so you are left with B. this is what I beleive it is D=-P+UY-KY/3U-3K thing
  13. For this I took that to get S10 it is 10a+45r=235 (a being the first term, r being the difference between each term) Thus S11 to S20 is 10a+145r=735 (as it is basically the same however offset by 10 positions or Rs, this then adds up to an additional 100r) take the two away fro each other and you are left with 100r=500 thus r=5 (then plug it back into one of the equations above) 10a+45x5=235 you get 10a=10 so a=1 at this point you have your answers, however i plugged it back into the general formula to check I was right. (n(a1+an))/2 (10(1+46))/2 which does then equal the 235 Thanks for a nice problem, hope that helped you out. thing
  14. My friend has a dual core Pentium processor and really wants to play battlefield 1. He wants to swap out the GPU (I know U can do that) however swapping the CPU... Is it a simple take it out and put a new one in?? and then reactivate windows. Or will it break everything?? thanks in advance. thing
  15. Its now a MASSIVE part of F1 2016, so doing tests and certain objectives will alow you to upgrade your car. All teams update but if you try real hard you can outdo them. Quite fun!
  16. So at the moment I have one of these (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Acer-Predator-GN246HLBbid-24-inch-Monitor/dp/B00IG0Z0HY) and I freaking love it the 144hz is so smooth and looks great for dirt rally which I'm getting into! For dirt rally a 3 monitor setup would be amazing because you really get the surround and peripheral vision! however my monitor is rather expensive. Would it be possible to pair it with 2 1080p 60hz monitors and look okay? Or will I have to buy 3 of the same for it to look good? thanks in advance thing
  17. Haha thanks! Its after our exams finish so it should be great! thing
  18. Ahhh okay it's just a switch I need!! That's good! Well the problem we had was we only had 4 Ethernet ports, but whoever was on Ethernet had no lag!! But people on wifi would die! thanks thing
  19. So my internet is crap!! We almost bricked the router when 4 of us were using it! and I want to hold a 24 hour LAN party with around 20 people!! What is it I need to buy for a good internal connection so we can all lan happily to each other?? Is it an access point?? I have no idea! Thanks in advance thing
  20. I called mine Trixy, due to it's gehto nature when we built it! my friends is called Connie after some alchahol that was drunk at the time! and my other friends pre built is called Panelope because it's pre built and therefore posh! thing
  21. Its in the title really budget is £100, I will be using it for gaming but REALLY want the click and tactile feedback so blues?? thanks in advance thing
  22. 1.sounds plausible 2.it would not neceserraly be larger it would depend on the mass of bass attracted 3.if enough hydrogen is present, and there is enough heat it may restart. 4.if fusion did restart yea it would counteract the gravity reaching equilibrium as in all stars. 5.stars have masses amount of gravity anyway, asteroids are crazy it would not affect it. However yes iron is at the top of the fission fusion graph thing. thing
  23. 1_thing

    Good Chair?

    Firstly I'm not really sure as to where this should go so I guessed with here!! move at will!! Now my budget is around £100 for a new chair. My current one is some scabby hand me down from my dad!! its horrible!! I want a new one which is comfortable for long use, fits the budget and is good looking. I'm average height I guess '5 "10 don't know if that helps I'm a bit of a noob at this!! thanks in advance thing