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  1. I recommend selling your code. it is a pain in the butt to download (60GB) and install the game (install size 80gb + you need to install microsoft store and probably even the xbox app). and then some online stuff from xbox is down and you can't even play it. also you can't link it to steam cause windows prohibits you from access to the installation folder, therefore the launch.exe.
  2. Jup. Doesn't work either. So probably there is a problem with xbox live or sth. although the xbox live status seems to be a-ok. ( http://support.xbox.com/de-DE/xbox-live-status )
  3. Downloaded Gears Of War 4 through Microsoft Store (Nvidia Code). Installed Game. Starting Game. Make it to the Start-Screen. Press Enter. Error Message: Log in to Xbox Live account failed. And I have no clue why or how I can change that. Tried it several times trough the last few hours with constant bad results. I don't know if my microsoft account also accounts for Xbox Live, I do not know if I even have a xbox live account. What is going on, microsoft?! Desperate. Please Help.
  4. Allright. I reinstalled the driver and selected "fresh installation". That fixed the issue.
  5. It just says that this box shows if the graphics card supports OpenCL. GTX 1070 officially supports OpenCL 1.2 soooo yeah....
  6. Hi there I just recently bought my GTX 1070 and wondered why it didn't work with Red Giants GPU Acceleration which uses OpenCL. So I started GPU-Z and it shows that OpenCL is not enabled, although CUDA, PhysX and Direct Compute5.0 are. My Graphics Driver should be the newest with 372.90. I don't know could it be a driver problem? Anyone else has a GTX 1070 where OpenCL is disabled or enabled (like it should be)? (help please)
  7. Thank you, but I am looking for actual confirmation that it will work. The other option is getting a GTX980ti with which I would also need a more potent power supply. All in all I am prefering the GTX1070.
  8. I don't want to pay the monthly fee and CS6 works for me just fine. I'd appreciate an answer to my question.
  9. Hello everybody! I am thinking about getting a GeForce GTX1070 mainly for video editing purposes in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Now though, I have come across some rumours that the new cards might not work with CS6 because it seemingly can't handle the new Pascall architecture. Has anyone some first hand experiences with using a new Pascall Card and Premiere Pro CS6?