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    i7 7700K
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    ASUS Z270E Gaming
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    32GB GSkill TridentZ LED
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    2x ASUS Strix GTX 1070 ROG
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    Thermaltake Core P3 Snow
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    500GB Samsung 850 EVO, 2TB Seagate, 2TB Seagate
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    EVGA NEX750B
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    Asus PA328Q 32" 4K
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    Thermaltake Water 3.0 360mm, 3x RIING 120mm RGB Fans
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    Logitech K360
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    Logitech G700s
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    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1BT
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Bump? I really can't just write this machine off. Someone has got to be able to see where I am screwing up with this. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Bump? I really am in a crunch to fix this. Can anyone advise?
  3. AC1DFOX

    Audio Around Pool

    Need a solution to undo a ton of jerry rigged setups to have audio around our pool.We have a pool, with 3 separate seating areasand 5 speaker around it. We currently have an old receiver and speaker selector. The receiver has no wireless capability, so we are using an old Apple Airplay device to send audio to it, that works occasionally.What I would like to do is simplify the number of pieces of gear, and add wireless.I would like to have a receiver with bluetooth audio, and also have the ability to pipe the audio for the Chiefs games over the speakers around the pool. But I would like to be able to turn the audio OFF to certain areas if they dont want to listen to the game. If that makes sense.So just bbe able to play audio from our phones to the receiver, and isolate sound to certain areas. Without a crazy expensive receiver with multi-zone options.Looking for the cheapest way to do this within reason.
  4. HP EliteBook 9470m, Board: 18DF, BIOS: 68IBD Ver. F.44Upgraded laptop to 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD. The install of Windows 10 Pro took almost 7-8 times as long as normal, which was weird. However, once installed, worked greats for 4 days. Then it crashed with a BSOD for "Critical Process Died".Attempted:Safe Boot: FailedPower Bleed then Boot: FailedTried Windows "Reset" option: FailedTried Reset deleting all my data: FailedSo, in desperation, tried to reinstall Windows 10. The laptop wont boot from USB. Tried changing boot..Legacy Only: FailedUEFI Hybrid: FailedUEFI Only: FailedTried booting from both an UEFI Install USB, and a Legacy install USB. Neither will work.Attempted BIOS Update to F.73 Rev.A following HP download.Ran installer on separate Win 10 Pro MachineSelected Create Bootable USB optionCreated USBInserted USB into laptop and booted: BIOS Update FailedI figured that maybe the jump from V F.44 to F.73 was too much, aas there may have been big changes in subsequent versions prior to F.73.Downloaded F.62 Rev.A & Made bootable USB: BIOS Update FailedDownloaded F.69 Rev.A & Made bootable USB: BIOS Update FailedEven tried manually setting up the BIOS USB with instructions off the HP site, with the following structure:├── Hewlett-Packard│ ├── BIOS│ │ └── New│ │ ├── 68IMT.BIN│ │ └── 68IMT.sig│ └── BIOSUpdate│ ├── CryptRSA32.efi│ ├── CryptRSA.efi│ ├── HpBiosUpdate32.efi│ ├── HpBiosUpdate32.s09│ ├── HpBiosUpdate32.s12│ ├── HpBiosUpdate32.sig│ ├── HpBiosUpdate.efi│ ├── HpBiosUpdate.log│ ├── HpBiosUpdate.s09│ ├── HpBiosUpdate.s12│ └── HpBiosUpdate.sig└── HpBiosUpdate.logBIOS Update Failed.System will still not boot. For further troubleshooting, I started the HP Hardware diagnostics, and on the RAM test, it crashed at 6%. Repeated the process 3 times, reseating RAM, same results.Replaced RAM with a known working 8GB stick, passes Memory Test.With a good stick of memory installed, repeated the processes above, SAME RESULTS.How can I get this BIOS updated?? This is driving me up the wall, and causing issues. Advice?
  5. I have a friend who runs a small business locally. She wanted a Business email address so she could stop using her Gmail address with clients. We setup a GSuite account and her business email. Now she wants to setup her Gmail account to add the business email address as an alias to send and receive messages for both accounts from her personal Gmail account. This is normally a VERY simple process and I have done it hundreds of times for clients. We began by configuring her Gsuite and business email, and setting a password. Logged into the personal Gmail, went to Settings -> Accounts & Import -> "Send mail as" (Use Gmail to send from your other email addresses) Clicked to Add Another Email Address In the setup box, we entered her business email address and password. Email shows as setup under the "Send Mail As" section However, when composing an email, there is no option to select the sender like normally there is. We even tried to go back into the "Send Mail As" section to delete the Alias, and we cannot. The only option is to "Edit Info". Tried to contact Gsuite support regarding the issue, and they refer us back to Squarespace saying they have to help with all issues related to billing. THIS IS NOT A BILLING PROBLEM. It's a Gmail problem. Tried to use the Chat support function, but it will not allow us to Chat either, saying our paid plan must be managed by Squarespace. THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE EMAIL. Tried the hone option, which requires you to generate a Support PIN from the Admin Console. Tried to generate one and it informs me that our paid plan must be managed by Squarespace. THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE EMAIL. All we want to do is to be able to send and receive Emails from her GSuite business email account from her personal gmail account as an alias. What the heck are we doing wrong?
  6. Cimmerian, I sincerely appreciate your well thought out and detailed response. Fantastic. To answer a few of your questions, they were originally using a much smaller, less feature rich Mixer using USB. This mixer is a recent acquisition, but I believe it is also connected via USB as well. That said, is it possible that utilizing a dedicated audio card like a sounbdblaster would help? I will run the tool you sent today and check things, will update you as well.
  7. Random, Thanks for the reply. I wasn't there when the issue popped up, so I wasn't able to look at the procmonitor or task manager to see. I asked them to call me the next time it happens so that I can login and look right away. To answer your questions, they were using a small Zotac ZBox B-Series from about 2014. So you can understand my chagrin when the new PC we built them started getting it's ass kicked when the ZBox was working fine.
  8. So for clarification, are you thinking upgrading the PSU possibly?
  9. I have a client that we built a system for who hosts several podcasts and a couple national radio shows. He needed something simple for Audio editing and recording in his studio. The system I built is as follows: Core i5-7500 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 2133 Gigabyte GA-H270M-D3H Mobo 240GB SSD EVGA 650N1 He records audio into the PC with Audition, and uses Spreaker to broadcast live, as well as a Radio Software called Wide Orbit Remote Voice Tracker. When recording with Audition, he never has a problem. Even single track recording via Audition while using Spreaker and Wide Orbit there are no problems. However, whenever Recording Multi-Track in Audition while using Spreaker, the live audio is garbled, like a robot underwater. When listening back to what was recorded, the recording is perfectly fine. But the live broadcast is garbled. Again, the LIVE audio in Spreaker to audience is jacked, but whats recorded in Audition is fine. This is WAY out of my wheelhouse. I have no idea what the problem can be. I have run stress tests in Prime95 and the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility to test if the system isn't up to the task for some reason, and it tears through stress tests no problem. I have verified all the drivers are up to date, the BIOS is up to date and that the connections are good. Every other task thrown at the machine it handles with ease. It's just this specific situation that comes up, and this is a MAJOR issue for them. They have had to re-record entire days worth of work because of it. Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated. Seriously. Audio output from PC comes from headphones/line out directly to the Behringer Xenyx board into line in left and right via standard RCA. (Channel 7/8) I am including pictures for reference.
  10. Nada. Nothing found with Malwarebytes. Not happening in Safe Mode though. We tried a complete reformat and Windows reinstall before, all was ok. She went home with it, and within several days, bam, happening again.
  11. I cannot explain this. I have scanned the system with Kaspersky, ESET, run RKill then JRT and ADWCleaner, nothing detected. When your cursor moves over Icons on-screen, they turn black. And the system is reaching 100% CPU usage most of the time, even with no apps running. Anyone seen anything like this??? WTF.mp4
  12. Multi Window mode only works for more than one conversation. You have to have at least 3 people. It's frustrating.
  13. Have tried that. Doesn't work. Creates an echo. Thanks for the idea though!
  14. Does anyone know of a functional way to get Skype windows Side-By-Side instead of PiP?? We record our podcast via Skype and unfortunately have only been able to do so with PiP. I use Skype and OBS to do the recordings, because of OBS's granular settings options for recording good video. I have tried using a couple of 3rd party Skype recorder software applications, but they all have wonky recordings, low quality recordings or they have horrible UI's. I am just looking for a way to record our podcast with the windows for Skype in Split-Screen, or Side by Side. Grrr. Please help.