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  1. Thank for the head up mate. I will keep posted if any issues ever show up.
  2. The 2060 model are closer to 50 thousand and for the price of 40 to 45 thousand you can only get a 1660 ti which is slightly worse than the 2060. For the same price I will definitely go for the 2060 over the 1660 ti. And as for QC + QA, issues my former asus laptop last me more than 5 years before I have to retire it because of its ageing hardware and a damage from a drop. And for the most part I have heard of a lot of praise for Asus laptop build quality and warranty. Where did the stigma of Asus bad QC+QA issues come from?
  3. Thank mate, personally I think I'm better off with the I7 than 240Hz display due to my workload which is primarily video and photo editing and gaming as a side activity.
  4. Under 50,000 Thailand Baht, here is the store https://www.jib.co.th/web/.
  5. Sure but the price need to be pretty comparable and if possible, make sure it is available in Thailand.
  6. Thank mate for the advice.
  7. Hello, I'm currently looking for a new laptop for gaming, video and photo editing, with a possibility of 3d rendering. For some context, I'm form Thailand so this model might be specific for my region/country. I'm currently looking at this model Asus Rog Strix G531GV-AL072T with a core I5 9300H and a Rtx 2060 with a 120Hz display for about 1300 USD give or take. I was wondering if it is worth the money to for the Asus Rog Strix G531GV-AV022T with a core I7 9750H and a Rtx 2060 with a 120Hz display for about 1500 USD give or take. Or should I go with the Rog Hero 3 GV531-AZ158T with a core I5 9300H and a Rtx 2060 for 1500 USD give or take but with a 240Hz display. So my real question here is do I go with the I7 or the 240Hz display. Spec list https://notebookspec.com/notebook/9210-Asus-ROG-Strix-G-G531GV-AL022T.html https://notebookspec.com/notebook/9204-Asus-ROG-Strix-G-G531GV-AL072T.html https://notebookspec.com/notebook/9348-Asus-ROG-Strix-G-G531GV-AZ158T.html The price listed there is in Thailand Baht Thank for your help.
  8. jay1091

    Recommend ram for ryzen

    Do you recommend any ram in particular?
  9. I'm looking to build a Ryzen system but after all the ram problems and issues I want to ask for help for any good budget 8 or 16 gb ram for Ryzen Thank you
  10. jay1091

    asus vs evga 1070

    which one is better evga acx 3.0 cooler or asus rog strix cooler. And which one is a better performer?
  11. Is the Cryorig H5 universal good for overclocking an i5 6600k and how much can you overclock with the cooler.
  12. Thank mate. I will go with the aura one over the pro gaming because of the neutral black and silver color scheme and rgb. My original plan was to use the A for a black and white build but now it's going to be black and silver with a bit of white.
  13. So the aura doesn't support 3 wat gpu
  14. Which among is the the best in: overclocking, amount of i/o and quality.
  15. jay1091

    Msi Vs Asus motherboard

    Which one have a better overclock and which one have easier overclock