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  1. Does the Ryzen 7 1700x have Precision Boost and if it does will it work on a X470 or just a x370 I am about to do an upgrade and maybe getting the 1700x from a buddy for free when he upgrades but need to make sure ill be able to use my cpu to the fullest before hand before I buy a motherboard. I know PBO won't work on a x570 with the Ryzen 7 2700x from everything I can find so not sure about the 1700x.
  2. Recently ordered the MasterLiquid 120mm Lite AIO... I'm trying to find more information about this 120mm AIO does anyone use it that uses the FX 8320 or above? If so how well does it work out with overclocking and such? I HAD a Seidon 120v but it died on me so this is only my 2nd AIO ever. Specs: CPU: FX 8320 Mobo: MSI 970 Gamer Ram: 16gb Ripjaws Z Fans: Arctic F12 PWM Windows 10 Creator GPU: MSI RX 470 8gb Gaming X
  3. Thanks, I really had not considered a Twin Tower for some reason it was not even on my mind and had seen them in the past with the Noctua brands. I will add this to my wishlist and get it next month!
  4. I have considered using Zip ties yes, but decided just to get a new cooler. I am using Newegg and Jet.com but perfer Newegg when possible. I would like to try and spend no more the 40-50 if its an Air cooler... as I know anything above that really would probally be better off with a Liquid cooler which I have considered that as well but have been told in the long run the Air Coolers with my Thermaltake Versa H22 case would be best...and tend to work better then most 120mm AIO anyhow. As for Location in in Maine USA.
  5. As my upgrade didn't go as originally planned, I was stuck with getting the FX 8320 a upgrade none the less, my Seidon 120v however is not in good shape and can barley get the fans on cause of stripped holes... I was wondering what is the best Air Cooler that is not overly expensive for a FX 8320 + MSI 970 Gaming motherboard with a overclock of 4.5ghz at 1.432v. (I have it stable at this right now) I was looking at Be Quiet! and Cryorig but decided to get a 2nd opinion before making my newegg wishlist for next month when I upgrade my Fans & GPU...
  6. My TV/Monitor is 60 on the refresh rate.
  7. That DVD drive is a Blueray DVDRW.
  8. Recently decided to rebuild my PC, have been doing a ton of research on prices & parts so that I dont end up with another AMD APU. Well I wonder how this looks for gaming, as it looks great to me lol. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/JjGrvV
  9. Anyone know the recomended requirements for static pressure for a 360mm radiator? I am looking at the Deepcool Captain 360 and 360EX for a future upgrade and plan to use the Ethoo Pro for the case.
  10. Asrock Z170A Pro4S is what im currently looking at
  11. Yep, the 6600k was just recomended as well by someone I have changed my build to work around with that for my future upgrade and the 1060 6gb.
  12. Thats the problem I was thinking of, how bad it might be. I have my A8 overclocked to 4.2ghz.
  13. Ok, so.. While I have been putting togeather my build for my upgrade im planning I got to thinking. I am considering instead of buying a RX 470 or 480 a GTX 1060 or 1070... which would mean I would have to save longer for the Intel parts for my upgrade as well... in the mean time I am running an A8-7670k Godavari on a ASUS A88X-Gamer with 16gb of ddr3 and a R3 Radeon SSD... would the 1060 or 1070 cause more problems then good if I got it first before upgrading this system? I am currently on my intergrated R7 7670k.
  14. Well if you do take the free returns your probally better off, you get options that allow you to bypass the free returns to make it cheaper as well. You also get options to pay by debit as well and make it cheaper there too. Returns on non-free returns cost 5.99 + 5% of the item price if you also pay by Debit and not Credit Card.