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  1. I might bringing it with me if there's any event around, so that i can grab and go
  2. Max budget will be $650. I am currently living in Taiwan.
  3. I am going for a itx build (as small as possible), its because i am studying aboard
  4. will be using Adata Premier SP550 as for my storage drive. Any recommended PSU?
  5. i5-6600 -$220 Asrock H110M-i -$70 Crucial 8GB DDR4 - $37 Gigabyte GTX1060 Windforce OC 3G - $210 SilverStone ML07 -$70 EVGA 400W -$30 How's my build guys? Is it going to work out? Using it for 1080p gaming and some video editing.
  6. Is it worth it to take a 27inch 16:9 curved monitor? http://aocmonitorap.com/au/product_display.php?id=5140