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    Gaming, watching tech, YouTube videos


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    I5 6600K
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    Z170A Gaming M5
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    G.Skill ripkaws V 3000 mhz 16gb 2 sticks
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    R9 390x XFX
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    Cooler master HAF 912
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    Samsung 850 Evo 500gb
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    EVGA 650 g2
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    Acer xf250h
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    Phanteks ph-tc12dx
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    Windows 10 (free)

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  1. I think I found it. It was some Nvidia setting that "optimised" the game. It is no longer full screen, but windowed full screen.
  2. i have 2 fans on a h115i both ml140s working, and the two in the front connected to a lighting node pro working, but then i just got one as a rear exhaust, (all of them are ml 140pro rgb, so it can't be a different type of fan problem) the rear one doesn't seem to light up. i have it set to three fans in icue, and it is plugged into the third slot on the rgb fan hub. so essentially, as far as i can tell there is nothing wrong with how it is set up. anyone have any ideas?
  3. just put my AMD GPU into a computer that used a nvidia GPU before, minecraft lets me move my mouse between monitors. I don't see what the problem is here.
  4. So i just got done uninstalling my AMD drivers and installing my new graphics card (MSI gaming z 2060) and got all of the drivers installed, but when playing minecraft, my taskbar is no longer there. so how do i enable borderless window mode? using my AMD card i had my task bar show up, where it took up everything but that one part of the screen where my taskbar was. However using this nvidia GPU, it doesn't let me move my mouse freely like my AMD card. does anyone have any ideas on what settings i can check?
  5. i am asking specifically with the valve light houses, not the vive light houses
  6. So realizing i need 2 display ports for the rift, i got a new graphics card instead. so i may just end up getting an index with the light houses. But i don't really care of the controllers, would i be able to use the vive pro controllers with the lighthouses and the index itself?
  7. ok awesome, looks like i am getting a rift s tomorrow, thank you. though i will need to keep unplugging my monitor as i am using an xfx 390x at the moment, so only one display port on it. i don't think i can use a splitter.
  8. oh ok i see, it says supports htc vive and oculus rift, i would say it would be safe to assume i can use the rift s as it is still a "rift"?
  9. i am mostly interested in beat saber, there is a doctor who game that came out a while ago, not sure if i can play it with the oculus, do you know if there is a way to check that? for any VR game?
  10. oh awesome, if there is no problem with the tracking i could just get the rift s then unless something is on sale for about 500. i really have no comparison between the rift s and anything else, so it isn't like i am used to something else that might throw me off. Does the oculus have it's own store or can i use steamvr?
  11. is it only the USB and displayport cable? the tracking is all done without sensors being mounted on my wall and such?
  12. i just said i don't want to spend 1000 dollars
  13. I am wanting to get into VR gaming, mainly beat saber and some VRchat. I don't want to fork over the 1000 dollars for a vive pro, a little out of my budget, and the oculus rift s is cheap enough for me, but i am wondering how does oculus rift s compare to the original vive? is the tracking on the oculus bad at all, or does it work fine? not having used a VR headset at all to compare each one to, i won't be "used" to one or the other either. I do get paid on tuesday, and want to get started right away to play with my friends on VRchat and such.
  14. i need 4 in total,i have a 5.25 inch usb hub, my cases usb, the watercooler, and the lighting node pro. but if corsair doesn't have a hub i can use, i might just go with the NZXT hub, that should work since i will have 3 extra headers with the 1 on my motherboard for a total of 4.