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Windows 10

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About Windows 10

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    Vatican City
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    Operating System


  • CPU
    Any CPU
  • Motherboard
    Any Mobo
  • RAM
    Atleast 4 gb
  • GPU
    Any GPU
  • Case
    Any Case, I don't care
  • Storage
    Atleast 8 GB of free space
  • Keyboard
    Microsoft keyboard recommended
  • Mouse
    Microsoft mouse recommended
  • Sound
    Dobly No Sound 2.1 times 0
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Guys got it, I some how got it into tablet mode, haha
  2. This is what it logged on to, when I turned it on
  3. Here is a video 20170301_173653[1].mp4
  4. No I can see the files in file explorer, but there is no physical desktop, let me screen record it
  5. dude, I want this kind of desktop
  6. I updated my PC and restarted it, now there is no desktop, did Microsoft get rid of it, or is there a way to get to it?
  7. BUT were the the students in the school using them at that time
  8. K but did school students use graphing calculators in the 70s?
  9. I don't think there were graphing calculators in the 70s
  10. Under 150 dont care atleast 1080p IPS thanks
  11. I am looking for a mechanical ketboard, good earbuds (Less than 60 dollars), mouse. Thanks in advance