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  1. its pretty much priced around 45 for the mics and 35 for the interface so its not that far off so just get a standard xlr cable and just use one mic and keep the other one as spare should be around 90-100ish usd total for the whole thing including a stand and cable and a 3.5mm to 6.35 adapter for my headphones
  2. Actually nvm i found a place with them in stock i have two questions do the U-Phoria UM2 have enough power to run both the mics via a XLR Y cable or should i just use one and keep the other one as a back up in case one dies? And is the headphone jack on it the standard 3.5mm or is it 6.35mm?
  3. Darn i mean i would consider the UM2 / C2 combo if it wasn't sold out everywhere as i could probably make it work with a desk stand
  4. Hmm its kinda what i had with the at2020 i don't really have room for a arm like that they key is to take up as little space as possible while still sounding good hence why i where considering some sort of lapel / lavalier mic you don't happen to have any recommendations for something smaller? and the UM2 / C2 combo is sold out everywhere in my country and due to this whole epidemic thing importing stuff from overseas takes months.
  5. hmm i where hoping to have kinda of a more set it and forget it kinda setup like ideally don't want to have to set it up each time i want to use it if i can avoid it
  6. hmm for those C2 mics how far away from me can they be for good audio? like for example i have 3 monitors can i mount one on the top of my left monitor and one on the top of my right monitor angled towards me or would i need to have them mounted on like a mic tripod in front of my keyboard as my main concern is that a lot of the stand alone mics tends to get in the way
  7. alright got any recommendations? like the AT2020 i had is too big ideally i would like it to be the rough size of like a standard headset mic
  8. Hi so im looking to get a stand alone mic for my DT990 headphones and i love them but i need a mic to go with them. I currently use the mod mic and its alright i where wondering if there are any other better alternatives that are not a massive condenser mics. I had the AT2020 but it was just way too big and in the way maybe something like a lavalier / lapel mic maybe?
  9. Don't worry it will mainly be used for windows and wow all my other stuff will be put in hdds or other ssds it won't be my only storage option
  10. Hi so I'm looking to get a new pc for mainly playing world of warcraft. I mainly raid ( lots of people lots of stuff going on at the same time ) so what's most important for me is solid fps in a raid with at a mix of high and ultra settings at 2560x1440p. I'm also a bit of a tab monster I tend to have a good 100+ tabs open at any one time spilt in two separate browser widows. The parts I'm currently looking at is this I went with that pc case cause I need room for allot of HDDs and i like the idea of keeping them hidden. And I went with 32gb of ram cause of my tab habit and chrome uses all the ram. I'm looking for advice on ether parts or a pre built system that can handle WoW raiding and my chrome tabs. I don't care if it's amd or Intel based my max budget is 22000sek / kr or less. some common Swedish pc part sites are www.inet.se www.komplett.se or www.webhallen.com any advice is welcome as I'm looking to get a new pc asap as my current one is pretty much toast
  11. Just check all cables and made sure none of them where damaged in anyway / also the connectors on the psu / mobo it self and i made sure they where all plugged in all the way the no post / boot still occurred
  12. It dose but only sometimes its like 50/50 chance sometimes it dose nothing and sometimes it works just fine. There has been times where the pc just works fine for weeks without any problems but it always comes back.
  13. Right for the past month or so my PC will randomly not post / boot sometimes it boots just fine. But other times the lights comes on the fan spins etc but the post code display remains dark. It can sometimes be fixed by just turning it off and on again sometimes by turning off / unplugging the PSU and holding down the power button to "flush" it out. Some times its fixed by removing the power from my powered usb hub. although im not sure if any of those actually fixes it or if its just a coincidence that it happen to post / boot after doing those things. Once the pc is booted it works perfectly fine to crashes no freezes no performance drops nothing. My CPU is a Intel Core i7 4770K My Motherboard is a Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H-CF My PSU is a Corsair AX860i And im using Windows 10
  14. It's a cpu bottleneck MMO's such as Destiny relies heavily on single core performance where intel is still be best choice. Although a Ryzen cpu would still be a decent step up from the A10 although you will most likely need a new motherboard and possibly new ram regardless. As the fm2+ socket is pretty much dead socket
  15. I get this error when i try to install the version 1703 that windows 10 is trying to update too Yet when i look at windows update it says this which according to that site is (KB4040724) / (KB4033524) and i tried doing a in place upgrade with the iso and that didn't work either