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  1. Qtip1318


    i just got some new hard where are i want to turn my old hardware in to a FreeNAS system with PLEX on it i just want to know if there is any way to move the loaded HDD's from my Windows PC to the freeNAS system with out loosing the data on them
  2. I just built a new computer not that long ago now I am working on building a desk for that computer I have everything I want to do in mind already I just need to find some parts hope that some of you might know where to find them. I am looking to have ports on my desk for USB HDMI display port as well as head phone and mic so that I don’t have to have wires running all over the place. I don’t know where to find any of this stuff if any one could help that would be great
  3. I don’t think there are really any in stock anywhere I preordered mine and I still don’t have it I am in Canada
  4. How important is memory timings is 16-18-18-38 good?
  5. I’m looking at a new build for gaming/plex server and I am look at what ram I should get there are to kits that I have my eyes on right now don’t know what is better 2x16 g-skill trident z 3200mhz or 4x8 g-skill trident z. I like the idea of having all 4 dims full but I don’t know if that will come at a cost I don’t think I will ever upgrade to 64gb. Maybe on a new build with ddr5 when it comes out
  6. Thanks for the help I found a way to leave my isp
  7. no i don't thats the problem i have pinged lots of servers and have no problems on any of them and I don't know the IP's of the servers and things I'm having problems with like prime video and pubg.
  8. I have been having trouble with my Internet and I know it is something on my IPS's end but I don't know how to find ways to prove it to them. My problem all started with packet loss when was playing games (Speed 300/300 wired) and from there I just kept finding more things to go wrong. These are the things I have problems with COD Black: Ops 4 5-9% packet lost PUBG: 2-6% packet lost Overwatch: packet lost Apex: packet lost (I would guess there are more but i have not tried more tell i get a new PC) I also can't get on Prime Video and Can not get to iCloud to sync my music I have tested everything using my Phones internet and it all works. Is there anyway of finding out ip's or something to line trace these places or is there anyway to find the problem. My ISP says everything is working good. other people with the same ISP don't have any problems. And I can't just change ISP Because I have a Cell Phone plan with unlimited internet that is linked with my home internet and if i changed it my bill would go up $160 because i use 20gb+
  9. Qtip1318

    packet loss

    i am wired i have bell fiber my dad is on the same isp with 25/2 same network gear and no problems we live about 5 mins away from each other
  10. Qtip1318

    packet loss

    can someone please tell me what might be going on im so lost and i have done everything i can think of. i have 300/300 speed for my internet and when i play blackops 4 i get 6-10% packet lost and cant joing blackout at all when i play pubg i get 3-8% packet lost on the download side when i do ping test on my computer to google and lots of other servers i have no problem i dont know what i should or can do any more. what i have dose is my ISP has replaced all hardware in my network, i have reinstall the os and games that i am having problems with. i port forwarded everything that need to be i also tested it in dmz mode. and I contacted activation about 1 month ago about it. i am really lost and dont know what to do
  11. Maybe I will not go with POE i don’t need it just yet but the qos would be nice. The 300 mark is just to high plus I’m from Canada do that is over 400
  12. I am working on my network and I am looking for the best budget option to fit my needs my problem is I don’t know what gear to get. I have 19 Connections in my house and I’m looking for a switch that will allow me to I have POE and QoS as well it would be nice to put it in a rack all tho I would like one I can put a 2u server case in for a future media server. I would really appreciate any help and info you guys could give me
  13. Qtip1318

    Cut the Cord

    Hi every one i found this sweet new TV service for those who don't want to pay something for live tv it gives you sport channels and they have all the UFC fight for one low price of 20 bucks a mouth https://www.setvnow.com/
  14. i don't know the exact amount but any where between 1-10gb a day
  15. hi i am looking for a good way to store business docs and some photos. I would like to access them anytime and any where via mobile (iPhone) and pc what would be the best software for this kind of app