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  1. I'm pretty sure. I'm still fairly new to the OS and the Linux community, but most things I've seen have just said it's plug and play.
  2. I recently switched from Windows to Pop! OS. I want to start streaming and making talk videos, but my Blue Snowball ICE will not show up in any software (including Pavucontrol). I've had this mic through 3 OS's and it seems that the only one that's ever not given me trouble was MacOS. Is there any way I can get it showing up so I can use it? I really don't want to have to buy a new mic when I have one that I like.
  3. That's what it seems people are saying. I've just heard some distros handle things like games or productive software better than others (like Resolve on CentOS vs Ubuntu).
  4. My system is Ryzen based. I play games on both PC and console, and I've seen things that showing work arounds for non linux games. I only game at 1080p and don't really play much competitve games (so I really am only shooting for 60fps). I've just heard some distros are better than others for it.
  5. I'm at a point where I'm done with Windows, even just for gaming. I currently dual boot Windows with Ubuntu but I want to move to a different distro. I tried 4 via USB, Manjaro XFCE, Fedora, Pop!OS, and Manjaro Gnome. I was gonna try two more but they either were gonna take forever to download or didn't let me try it through my flash drive (Deepin and CentOS). The only one I didn't care for was Manjaro XFCE (this might be down to me not use to it, I just really like the Gnome layout). Out of the remaining ones (unless you have other suggestions) which would you recommend for Gaming and Productivity? I play primarily on Steam but also use pretty much all other launchers (I grab any free game I can get no matter the launcher) including Battle.net, Epic, Ubisoft, and Bethesda. I use DaVinci Resolve for video editing and I dabble in Inkscape, Gimp, and Darktable.
  6. I just came back to the forum... Managed to get it to work if you wanted to know. Needed to use the Nvidia drivers that weren't the ones Ubuntu automatically puts on your computer.
  7. True... I just got fed up with Microsoft's bull, I still have it for gaming, but I want to avoid using it for anything but gaming.
  8. I installed DaVinci Resolve 15 on Ubuntu using a tutorial from Gear Seekers (most recent one). I did have to edit some commands to fit the filenames on my computer but other than that it was exactly the same. Resolve installed just fine but won't boot. All other software I have on here works just fine, just not resolve. Any idea what I did wrong or need to do to get it to work?
  9. I might have to do that. But I'll first check for the patch.
  10. I love my Pixel 2 XL and have had no gripes about it, except one. I'll plug it in to charge in the morning and it'll tell me it's rapidly charging. I'll leave it for almost a half hour and it won't charge any. To make matters worst when I unplug it it'll drop 5 % or more when I unplug it. After moving to a different part of the house and wiggling it to make sure it's plugged in it'll work, but I've tried doing that first thing in the morning and it'll still do it. It only charges on at least the second attempt. Anyone know how to fix it?
  11. Sounds like a good idea, and no real budget in mind, I'll just be saving up and when I get the money I get it, but at the same time I don't want to spend an arm and a leg.
  12. Looking into getting a new chair starting my research now so when I can afford it I can just get it. I like sitting up high so my shoulders can be relaxed, somewhat, at my desk. Currently using my roommates drum stool(throne as he says) and it sits where I'd like it to, but it just has nothing else for it. Sits about 17-20 inches high by what I estimate(I'm 5'11 with longish legs for my height and can have them at a 90 degree angle with my feet flat on the floor). I'd like something that can be roughly that high while being ergonomic and preferably isn't leather/pleather. Would anyone have suggestions on chairs? I know I'm probably asking a lot and may have to have some compromises in some places(especially if I don't want to pay an arm and a leg).
  13. I saw Linus's cheap mic round up and I'd like to get the basic xlr set up he showed off, but my buddy and I are starting let's plays together. For a two person set up would it be better to get the two channel behringer U-phoria with two microphones OR the single channel with a decent omnidirectional microphone (maybe a shotgun mic)? We will mostly be sitting next to each other on a TV but once in awhile will be at separate desks on our PCs, which are near to each other just different walls(sounds weird but I'll add a picture so you see what I mean). Any advice or recommendations would be great
  14. I can't get the bios to update, but it says its v.17.17 in the bios. I turned the ram down to 1066 mhz, but that didn't work. The bios recognizes 8gb of ram, and I found which slot windows is using, and the other isn't being used.
  15. ok, so the bios won't update, says it can't find files on my usb drive. It said it's compatible with up to 16gb ram at 1333mhz. Mine is 1600mhz, would that effect it?