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  1. Yeah, probably. But I also noticed it has HDMI (I've had the monitor for over 10 years, just never looked properly on the back) so I'll try that after eating and see if that works.
  2. It says DVI-D next to the input, so its digital.
  3. This is the cable I'm using: https://www.inet.se/produkt/8906248/deltaco-displayport-ha-dvi-d-ha-svart-3m#specifikationer I just bought a new computer (GPU is a 5700XT) and as the graphics card doesnt have a DVI out, I also bought the cable I linked above. Problem is, it doesnt show anything. Windows detects it but its not getting any signal. Does anyone know a possible solution? My main monitor, which is connected with a regular DP cable, works just fine.
  4. They will be digging up the reciept and will go to the store (probably) during this week. I will come along and make sure they get an internal one and assist them in putting it in. That way they wont have to worry about a loose drive on top of the desktop. Also, their kid (who is the primary user of the computer) appearently gets very angry playing Fortnite and bangs his desk with his fists and kicks the back of it when he loses. Those shocks are enough to kill a HDD, right?
  5. @ictdude1 im at their place now and the disk is still only showing up as 50 gigs in Diskpart and something went wrong when I put Gparted on my usb drive (it starts but then throws up a bunch of error messages) so I cant check with that. I also tested the drive in a laptop and it only shows 50 gigs there as well. Guess its time to return it to the store.
  6. @ictdude1 I fiddled around with Diskpart yesterday and it only showed up as a 50 gig disk there too. But I'll try it again when I go over to their place today and report back.
  7. @Alex Atkin UK @TheEthanMaverickHere's a screencap of Crystaldiskinfo and Disk Management: As you can see, the disk model number says ST2000LM007, and googling the model number brings up a Seagate 2TB 2.5" drive. They also bought it in a physical store here in Sweden so I doubt they got scammed. I'm going over to their place tomorrow with GParted to check with it as well.
  8. I'm trying to help a friends son with his computer. They bought him a 2 TB Seagate external HDD for christmas and it worked fine after I set it up for them. But now it only shows as 50GB. I've checked in Disk Management and it only shows 50GB and no extra partitions or unallocated space, and Diskpart also only shows 50GB. Crystaldiskinfo shows the HDD condition as "good" and they say it hasnt been dropped, so I don't think it's broken. Anyone got any idea what the issue might be? They really don't know anything about computers so they're completely reliant on me to fix issues like this.
  9. My brother has asked me to piece together a better computer for video editing. He has recently bought a 4k camera and now needs a computer to edit on. He will be dualbooting Windows 10 and either Debian or Ubuntu/Mint, and will be using the Adobe suite in Windows. Does Adobe prefer Intel or AMD CPUs? Which will get us the most bang for the buck? Will we get more performance for the money with a RTX 2060 or a RX 5700? They're both around the same price here in Sweden. Is that powerful of a GPU even needed? The budget is about €1600 excluding OS and peripherals and the current build is in the link. https://classic.prisjakt.nu/list.php?l=3895837&fbclid=IwAR0PePYy-td-WlHLdCW4qnr9LH96foUnWCebHUTjmHfi6bEw4jWk43RZOnE
  10. I have a Corsair 600t case. It's 6 years old now and I realised I've never actually cleaned the window. Is there anything specific I need to consider? Can I use soap? Should I use a microfiber cloth or will a normal dish cloth do?
  11. I have a DVD burner in my case! But it hasnt been plugged in in years.
  12. The monitor is a Dell U2414H and the GPU is an AMD Radeon 280x. I have tried connecting them with both a reglular DP cable and a MiniDP to DP cable with the same result. I'm running Windows 10 and my driver version is 19.4.3. About an houir ago, I started Fallout: New Vegas and my Dell monitor went completely black and refused to accept a signal. I have reinstalled my drivers and after I did that it came back on, but at 640x480 and stuck at 6 bit color depth in the AMD driver software. The resolution is correct in the BIOS so this is either a Windows or an AMD GPU issue. Does anyone have any ideas on solutions? EDIT: I found the button to make a custom resolution in the AMD software, and it seems to have solved the issue. Does anyone have any ideas why this happens?
  13. Is there any way to hear myself when I'm in a voice conversation with someone, preferably in both in Discord and over Facebook calls? I have closed back headphones so i cant hear myself, which causes me to talk really loud. Any suggestions?
  14. Whats with all the fast cuts while Linus is dragging the cable around? It looks awful and makes everything feel disconnected.