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  1. hi all, well i need some help i have a WD ssd that is sata 3 and i have it connected to the sata 2 ports but when i connect to the sata 3 ports it will not boot. Now i had to connect it to sata2 to able to install windows 10 and it works fine but i am not getting the speed that i can fells like i am not getting my money's worth. I have update the bois and downloaded any and all drives, chipset for my board still can not get the ssd to boot when connected to the sata3 port also change in the bois for the sata 3 to AHCI_MODE and to IDE_MODE when i have it connect to sata 3 still nothing please help. here is my specs i5-760 OC to 3.7 msi p55a-gd65 wd ssd 250g not the 3d nand drives hitachi 500g hd 16g pny 2x8 1866 msi gtx 760 2g antec 650w green power 80+ bronze
  2. so i was looking at this board to replace mine which 60 buck is all i can afford right now (do not have the money to build a new PC) and was wondering if $60 is a good or bad price for a used 8+ years old board.
  3. so first i like to say thank you for the help. I should have said this before (sorry) but i can not boot in to windows at all. when i first hit the power button it will BSOD for a short time and then reboot and try to do the automatic repair. i have let it go for a day and a half but zero change and i have no error message not even from the blue screen
  4. So my nephew PC HDD is corrupt i believe its from being unplugged when it was doing a windows update my question is that can a corrupted HDD be reuse in any way possible or is it gone for good/unusable.
  5. so i like to ask about streaming software like obs and xsplit on the encoder x264 which is i think means the cpu encodes the video and sends it out. My question is the work load a single or muilt thread process? and what cpu may be the best to handle it at a reasonable price