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  1. The psu and cables are from my last build and worked before. I've also tested a second psu with different cables. I've tightened all of the standoffs and screws.. The cup block standoffs all have plastic washers installed
  2. I may have the strangest pc issue i've ever heard of. The specs are: ryzen 5 3600, asus rog strix b450-f, tforce ddr4 3200, gtx 1070, intel 660p 1tb m.2, evga g2 650w, lian li pc011-d. To start the story off, I originally had an asus prime x570-p board. Through bad customer support and an issue where the pc would not attempt to boot at all i ended up returning the motherboard to the store i purchased it from. I then ordered the b450 board i have now and upon assembly i had the exact same issue. I am a pretty experienced builder so i tried all the normal culprites: reseating EVERYTHING, moving ram around, testing different ram, trying a different power supply, testing the gpu in another system, clearing cmos. Finally after some advice from reddit i tried the system outside the case and for the first time it posted! I slowly reassembled the pc to test each thing and removed the rear drive cage because i think it was close enough to the back of the motherboard to possibly be causing a short. After that it seemed to work. I posted, got into windows, started playing some games but in games it would freeze. Completely freeze. I couldn't even hold down the power button to turn it off. I had to flip the psu switch. I assumed the freezes were related to not reinstalling windows between x570 and b450. I started reinstalling windows but it did not show the m.2 drive in the list of drives to format. I moved the drive to the second slot because i read that not every slot correctly supports m.2. Then the drive would only sometimes display in the bios. One of the times i was able to boot into windows and started playing a game and this time it froze again and i powered it off but it would not power back on. At first it would power on once in every 5 or so times hitting the power button. When it did power on it would work through the post lights, ram, cpu, then it would supposed to move to vga. But it never did. It would just go dark. I could not find anything online about what that meant. It is supposed to freeze on a light if there is a problem. After some more normal troubleshooting it started turning on less often. The last time it did turn on it froze on ram so i powered down and reseated ram and then it put me back to the original issue. It will not turn on at all. The ROG logo powers up when the psu is turned on but besides that there is no life in the computer. Pushing the power button and shorting the power switch pins does absolutely nothing. I havent tested it outside the case again as it is a custom watercooling loop and taking it apart is such a gigantic pain. Does anybody have any idea what could be going on here?