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  1. Yeah I watched s hardwarecannucks video and another one someone mentioned and one of them did go on saying that certain headsets are better for footsteps etc. TBH now I've started looking into it all I'm curious to learn and really wish I could actually hear the differences before buying as until then I think I'm more confused than I was to start with haha
  2. Thanks in advice to anyone helping me out, but it turns out in the headset market there are.....a 'few' options (understatement of the year maybe) and hopefully someone could help me get the best gear for my needs. Currently rocking a cloud II (and before that a original cloud) and I wouldn't say I was disappointed with either of them...it's just I don't seem to recall any "wow" when wearing them like I did when I purchased a set of razer blackshark's back when BF4 came out. A lovely short story that, but if that bit of info can give any audio guru a glimpse into what my ears prefer to hear, then it was worth telling the story. Price range for me is around £150 - the new corsair virtuoso really caught my eye when I was browsing, but prior to that I was planning on possibly going for a sennheiser headset of some kind, as in the past those kind of headsets were pretty much out of my price range and the brand seems to come with nothing but good things said about it. Things important to me: -Use it pretty much exclusively for gaming, however I do listen to a lot of music when doing work at home or just relaxing -I think 7.1 is something I prefer. It's always something I have tried to get when headset shopping but tbh I wonder if it's really actually giving me any benefit half the time at all... -Mic is required, I play a lot of DnD over the net. I do have an external mic, but there is the dream one day to possibly be able to roam the house freely while playing so a decent one is preferred -Leading on from the last point, wireless is something I've really wanted for a long time, however if you feel that for my budget there is a set of wired headphones that are head and shoulders above most wireless sets, I'm interested -Lastly I have nobody else in my flat so noise from other people isn't a factor to take in and as far as RGB etc goes I really do not give a crap about it...however I do like shiny flashy things as much as the next person Any other information you feel you need fire away, much appreciate any advice as even after just browsing massdrop I think I had something like 15 or so tabs open of different headsets
  3. Yeah I was looking at that, well a 2070 to be exact, I just wasn't really sure if its overkill for 1080p. I've read good things about the 1660 range but just feel a bit worried they are good but not very "future proof". Ty very much for a fast reply though
  4. I'm looking to upgrade my rig a bit after coming into a bit of cash, however 10 years ago I used to be up to date with every bit of tech before it came out...but these days I really am a bit lost I'll not lie, so any advice for getting the best bang for my buck would be super appreciated. My current rig: CPU: i7-5820K GPU: GTX 780-Ti RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2800 C16 4x4GB Mob: MSI X99S SLI PLUS (MS-7885) I run 2 monitors, currently in 1080p I also have various SSDs and hybrid HD's Budget: £500-£600 (with possibly a bit of wiggle room of £50 or so if something really warranted the extra pull out) If the rig really is a lost cause (which I am pretty sure it is far from) I could consider putting a deposit down on a new rig entirely I personally am pretty sure the gfx card is the thing holding me back for game performance, which is what I use my pc for 99% of the time. The 780ti has been an absolute baws of a card, and to be honest still rocks games coming out now but I really want to crank the graphics back up to full - especially looking forward to cyberpunk 2077, which I fully intend of actually living in if its as good as the witcher was I have considered a new monitor, but to me I am personally happy at 1080p and which 1440p would probably be great but I think the rig is getting old and there is more value to actually upgrading the computer itself. Small plans for cheap upgrades I have considered is more RAM (as minecraft and chrome seem to eat it like it is going out of fashion, but I believe 16 is still a solid number for gaming if I am not mistaken) and a M2 card to use as a new boot drive as they seem quite cheap and my current SSD is a bit slow compared to some of the newer ones. I've waffled on for a bit now, so I'll leave it to the good people of the forum to have a heart and help a fellow nerd out. There's just so many cards, super versions, ti, rtx....I would just love some advice based specifically on my needs Thanks in advance
  5. Thank you very much all - think i have gotten the basic idea of what to plan for in the future - any other ideas feel free to reply but making this as solved now. thanks! For anyone wondering what advice I have or have not gone with, I plan to do the following: 1- Cooler (most likely air) for the CPU and overclock her a bit 2- Sort out my SSD and/or buy a new one for the OS and select games 3- Save for GFX card after mantle has been released and performance reviews released - will most likely be a 780/ti pending on the difference in price/perf. or a 280x/290x should I turn to the dark side 4- 8GB more RAM once all the big pennies have been spent 5- in long distant future look out for new PSU launches and either upgrade to what is the top end now, or to a new archetype if its worth it.
  6. Case and fans were in the OP - A Phantom 410 mid case and just the stock case fans. 1 x front, 1 x exhaust, 1 x large side panel and 1 x large upper fan. Just the bog standard black/white NZXT ones. Motherboard after some searching is an ASROCK H77 Pro4/MvP
  7. you can crossfire AMD and nvidia cards? This is madness surely. *insert sparta quotes here* [edits - hang on i see you just messed up and said crossfire instead of SLI - my initial confusion is now gone sorry haha]
  8. Wow if I have gained anything at all from this thread it is that partpicker site! Why have I not heard of this before lol? Thats an amazing little site that.
  9. Thanks for the quick replies guys! But high-mid? See when I was younger and spent 2grand on a PC I clearly have set my expectations very high on performance haha. I do agree tho after doing a quick read around other posts the whole mantle thing could or could not be a huge game changer - maybe waiting on the GPU side of things is actually very good advice. As for a mobo upgrade CoolBeans is there anything you (or anyone) recommend. I am not really sold on the whole G1 Assasin level sort of motherboards actually being worthy of a purchase (unless you happen to like green of course) I have seen a few videos of orange/black motherboards - is there anything reasonable and suitable which is that colour would go AMAZINGLY well in my rig without breaking the bank that would be super. And also mr Sayain I am using a bronze 700w PSU
  10. Right guys and girls been hearing a lot about this community and how helpful it is - so time to join it and put it to the test! Back in my youth I used to be up to date with allll the goings on about GFX and CPU's and what was hot and what was not - however I am very busy these days and it seems my knowledge is lacking and I find myself lost in a sea of components and unable to fathom what actually will give me the best bang for my buck. My current build is currently a bought PC which I have semi-updated here and there, some for necessity and others because well...the ram is REALLY shiny what can I say. Currently my specs are as follows: (dxdiag linked for anyone wanting greater info): DxDiag.txt - i5 3570K - stock cooler - cheap motherboard I forget the name of, but it was bog standard and basic - obviously with the socket of the i5 - GTX 660 Ti - 2 x 4GB (9-10-9-27)corsair platinum ram - 1TB of bog standard hard drive - 150GB SSD - which currently is either corrupted or completely broken (thank you windows 8) - all of this is housed in a NZXT Orange Phantom 410 (mid tower) with basic stock fans - I currently run 1 24inch 1080p monitor, have a second 23inch 1080p one ready - and after the rig is upgraded be looking for a 3rd (possibly if i win lottery or get a bonus and ensure they all match, not sure how critical that is guys?) - everything is up to date driver wise etc, so no worries about that effecting performance My goals are to basically squeeze every single drop of performance I can muster out of BF4. It is currently very playable, however its such a pretty game and I would like to push it up to the higher/max settings as well as future proof my rig. I think currently its a pretty ok rig, and suspect my biggest issue to be CPU. I had previously a i7 920 (RIP, what a fucking overclocker she was) and while I was told it should be a step to the side...cannot help but feel that was a lie. Regardless financially at the time I could not afford more than what I got as it also required a new mobo due to the i5 having a different socket. What I have at my disposal is limited. - I do have some old ram around which actually is not that old, however it most certainly is lesser than what I have however to the best of my knowledge it is not a good idea to mix and match ram correct? - I have a 560ti - would running this in SLI give me a performance boost worthy of the hassle? if I were to go multi monitor and NOT upgrade any card would the second card assist at all? can you still use a second card as physx card and again would that be of any help? or should I just flog it (offers on the back of a postcard plz guys) - Willing to splash around £500, I could do more on finance but the results should be for some SERIOUS performance increase or a great once in a lifetime offer etc. If you could use £ and scan.co.uk or overclockers for components that would be great. Again however if there is a simply "must have" offer in the UK - hit me up please! Ok - priorities for my upgrades/new rig. 1- If possible, I'd like to try and just upgrade parts. Selling the rig is almost out of the question unless again, strongly beneficial to me as I would like to use this as a second rig for streaming etc 2- BF4 is my main game, and FPS is my main game. While I understand BF4 appears to be better suited for AMD cards I am however a nvidia fanboy. Again for serious improvements and good deals I may part ways with my habbits - however please understand no bundle of games will change my mind, while its a great little bonus I am more bothered about the cards themselves. 3- I will look to fix my SSD and most likely replace if needed, so disregard any advice regarding that as an SSD upgrade these days is pretty much a no brainer. (any thoughts on these SSD/HD hybrid things would be interesting however, keep looking at them and going hmmmmmmmmm?) 4- I have a history with overclocking and "generally" know what I am doing, however please keep it basic and NOTHING risky. I'll happily push a parts performance but not interested in pushing it to its limits. 5- Custom water cooling is a no no. Had horrible experiences with it in the past and while I simply LOVE the way custom loops etc look - they just are not for my technical prowess and also I am pretty busy person and not interested in the fanny on changing water etc. "All in one" water coolers however are something I would consider - but I really am not against having a large air cooler as long as it fits and benefits me. 6- Heat and noise should not be an issue with my case. Noise is never wanted, however it is not the end of the world. And no I will not change my case for any reason other than a new build - I loves her so much 7- 3D is not something I currently use or can use due to not having the monitor for it. It would be nice to bear something like this in mind, however it is last on the list for a reason lol I think that pretty much covers it guys. Thank you so much in advance for any time taken to read and offer advice. Feel free to just feed it all back to me I am wanting to increase my knowledge back to what it used to be. Even if you just have a comment about flaws in my current build, post it! If you got advice on improvements etc then all the better! Thanks again guys - peace
  11. I think scan were well within their rights and did everything they could to resolve the issue. From building many computers you just sometimes get to those odd situations where stuff just....it just wont for no valid reason, talk with the other components - it seems not all PC parts get along 100% of the time. They have some pretty serious testing they do on RMA components and check many many things - but replicate your EXACT rig and situations is something no company can ever ever ever do. Another thing I have never ever see a company do is replace something that within their own professional opinion is not broken - why would they? If the issue is most likely YOUR parts then sadly it is YOUR problem - the fact that another similar board works still does not prove the issue was still not your own parts. Overall this person would have tested anyone's patience and the very fact you were conducting a full blown RMA discussion over facebook just baffles me. Let's say you take them to a petty court over your wasted cash for the "broken" motherboard or complain to trading standards. While I am sure they would do their best to assist with the matter, deep down inside they would instantly just giggle with a facebook argument over RMA as it borders into the realms of complete lack of credibility on anyone's part...because its facebook lol. Pro tip - serious matters concerning what you consider serious issues should always be done in ink or via e-mail - possibly even a telephone call. Keep the trail clear and deal with them EXACTLY as you expect them to treat you. Telling them to f'off or anything usually in any company results in them just refusing to do business of any kind with you, as no staff member gets paid to take abuse to the level you dished out over that facebook page - you dodged the bullet this time and I actually commend scan for continuing to communicate at all.