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  1. I've removed the CPU to check the pins and everything seems to be in order. I didn't see any bent or broken pins so should be ok.
  2. Yeah I had the PC completely powered off, PSU switched off and unplugged.
  3. When the new CPU cooler was installed, the fan on it was indeed working. I'll remove the CPU to check the pins.
  4. First time posting but I have a problem. At the moment my computer is not posting and the red CPU error light turned on my B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC Mobo. The CPU fan, case fans, RAM LED lights, and motherboard LED lights are turning on when I power on but my GPU isn't revving up and neither are the LED lights on it. Additionally, the LEDs on my keyboard and mouse aren't turning on when plugged into the mobo. Hyperlink to my build's full parts list. (I got most of these parts on sale during 2019 blackfriday so this is a fairly recent build) I was upgrading my CPU cooler from the stock AMD cooler to a Scythe Mugen 5 Rev.B Cooler. I powered down the PC and unplugged the power supply during the installation. To give the full story, during the removal of the stock cooler, my magnetic tip screwdriver slipped and may have hit the motherboard (first suspicion: may have damaged/fried the mobo). When I was removing the AMD stock cooler, I did tug on cooler first before twisting the cooler and having it come off easily after that (second suspicion: may have damaged the CPU or socket). While installing the metal brackets of the CPU cooler, the bracket did touch the mobo and possibly where the pins are (third suspicion: may have fried the mobo here). The last thing that may have screwed up something during the installation is that I may have tightened the new CPU cooler on too tight but I'm usually pretty careful about this (fourth suspicion: may have damaged the CPU and/or socket here). This is a lot of information but I wanted to paint the full picture in hopes somebody can either help problem solve this or how to advise moving forward from this. Currently, the only thing I've checked is to make sure the CPU power cable is plugged in and it is. Everything was working perfectly fine right before the installation so I'm assuming the problem is either in the mobo or the CPU. May just need to replace my mobo or CPU. Currently trying to see if I can borrow a friend's AMD CPU to test if its a CPU or mobo problem but that's probably not going to happen anytime soon. I'd greatly appreciate anyone's help here or how to move forward.