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  1. deactivated_guy431

    Should I sell my RX 480 4gb?

    I'll keep this quick, but last Christmas I paid $180 for this version of the rx 480 4gb, and now since Ethereum mining I believe, everyone's trying to snag AMD cards for it. Since the prices have inflated, my $180 card is now going for $300-$400. I really want to sell, but then all I'll have to use is a 750 ti I bought back in 2015. It works fine, because I just play csgo at 1080p, but even still I really like this card. Is it worth the effort for me to try and sell it on say ebay?
  2. deactivated_guy431

    How much storage in your primary PC?

    Pretty much all I have is my old 1TB 7200rpm HDD I've had for the past two years. I still have about 1/3rd of it left and I'll be cleaning it out soon lol. I wouldn't mind throwing in like a 128gb SSD for my OS and programs though... That being said I should be more worried about my 4gb of ram lmao