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  1. Omjones

    CRT All In One

    Sort of because it is haha. The old CRT was curved so its looks better straight on as the gap isnt as obvious. The slight wonk is due to it being far too big for the hole and I had to force it in as far as it is. I will probably add that to the fantasy improvment list
  2. Omjones

    CRT All In One

    I love the modern retro look and I have a traditional sleeper main build at the moment however this was a spare parts project more for the aesthetics than the performance. Specs MoBo: Gigabyte GA-Z170N CPU: I5 - 6400 (stock cooler)(Integrated Graphics) PSU: Corsair 450W Bronze Ram: Crucial 4gb DDR4 2400 MHz Peripherals: Discount Monitor: Broken The build itself was tricky, especially due to my lack of artistic or technical skills, I got it done in the end but would love to see someone more competent make something similar. I wanted to keep the externals as stock as possible so motherboard was attached by screwing some standoffs through the holes already available. This worked rather well, unlike the rear of the case. I had hoped that my PSU would line up with the existing hole, unfortunately I had to cut out some space and as it was my first attempt it is far from perfect. The only other case modification was the drilling out of the standby indicator for the on switch which I think has left the front looking pretty good. As for the internals, the PC components were rather easy to secure with the classic tape down approach when there were no screw mounts. MoBo has onboard wifi and the usb dongles for the wireless peripherals for that extra clean look. The hardest part was getting an LCD that would fit the 4:3 display. Ended up having to tear down an old broken one and replacing the control board. This was then all elegantly taped/glued to the front half of the monitor case. Screen power comes in from the back through a standard 12v plug and is connected just with a very short internal HDMI cable, once these are removed and the standby switch disconnected from the MoBo the front half can be disconnected, but it is very fiddly. I am happy with the result and have reached the end of my skills however there are some things I would like to change but probably never will. I would have liked to somehow power the screen from the PSU so there is only one power cable. I would also have really liked to use some higher end components as there is room for the 1080ti from my main build, but there is no way I am switching to 4:3. (I would love to see a baller LTT version of this idea)
  3. Omjones

    12V 3A powersupply adaptor

    AHHH, okay That makes much more sense, thanks a lot
  4. Omjones

    12V 3A powersupply adaptor

    In my understanding molex outputs 12V 11A,I assumed that is what this adaptor would also give me. Wouldn't this mean my display that wants 12V 3A gets way too much power or does it not work that way?
  5. Omjones

    12V 3A powersupply adaptor

    Thank you! I assume I would have to add some resistors in to the red wire to meet the 3amps I need
  6. Omjones

    12V 3A powersupply adaptor

    YES! that looks like it would work. What would it be called or do you have a link?
  7. Omjones

    12V 3A powersupply adaptor

    I was hoping something exists so I don't have to do that. I take this as a no then
  8. Long story, I am taking an old beige broken CRT monitor and replacing the screen with a thin LCD and putting a pc in the back (imagine old imac but beige sleeper) The new screen control board needs a standard 12V 3A plug, are there any adaptors so I can run it off the powersupply and only have 1 lead going into the case? (something like the PCIE to molex converter but a lot more niche)
  9. Omjones

    Using a VERY old optical drive

    You asked for this (usb ports have been rigged to be 3.0). And thanks Jamie, I will cobble together the old parts and see if it works for that, good job I didnt throw all that junk out. Could just live without it as I was before so its not a real big issue
  10. I have nearly completed my transplant of my rig from a nice metal and glass case to an old beige box (I like the look dont ask me why). Before I didn't have a disk drive but the old case came with one, so I thought I would try and use it even though it was IDE. I got an IDE to SATA adapter and plugged everything in and it spins up but the drive is not registering anywhere, not even in BIOS. Any help would be appreciated. The drive in question is an NEC ND-3540A from 2005.