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  1. Good afternoon. I have purchased Sonnet Breakaway Box 650 and have run into several issues. The Box would not properly connect to my laptop. After connecting Thunderbolt 3 cable box turns on and connects, but shortly after loses connection and constantly fluctuates between on and off about every 3-5 seconds. All the drivers are updated to the latest version (BIOS, Thunderbolt, and GPU). I have tried purchasing a different Thunderbolt 3 cable, thinking the issues might be it. It seemed to work for a bit, but then the issue persisted. I have also tried swapping for a different GPU and even connecting the box to my laptop without a GPU in, the same issue. Razer Blade Stealth I7 7500U (2017) GPU: R9 Fury X (Sonnet says GPU is supported by the Box) Thunderbolt NVM Firmware version: 9.00 BIOS version: Razer 1.50, 2/26/2018 (Newest, according to Razer) Windows 10 Version: 10.0.18362 Build 18362
  2. Jah347


    Actually just found eGFX Breakaway Box 650 which allows you to fit one 120mm rad and is compatible with Fury X. Thanks tho
  3. Jah347


    Good evening everyone. I’m in the market for eGPU dock, but can’t seem to find one thats compatible with R9 Fury X. Does anyone know a compatible dock? I plan on pairing it with Razer Blade Stealth. Thanks.