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  1. For anyone finding this. I built got all the components and built the system. After reinstalling GRUB (which included adding the UEFI-Entry) for the new Board using a new ArchLinux-Disk (old one didn't support the hardware) everything worked flawlessly. FPS are at least doubled and playing Overwatch at 120 FPS isn't a problem anymore (now the GPU is the bottleneck ). I also had a test-render of a self created simple blenderscene (in two states): Scene 1 was rendered 3x faster and Scene 2 (a bit more complex) almost 5x faster. With some basic settings (and still bad cooling in my case) I get the CPU to 4GHz on all core load and one to 4,25 GHz on a single core load. Again, thanks for all the advice that I got here.
  2. Great refrence. So the carbon seems to be one tier better, but the Tomahawk is plenty for the CPU according to the list. Also thanks for the insight on compatibility for the 3rd gen. So the board will probably work flawlessly. Thanks a lot!
  3. Thats a good point i completely missed. The MSI B45 Tomahawk looks fairly good. Does this have the current bios for 3rd gen? I certainly don't have any other CPU lying around to update it myself.
  4. Hi, as the title suggests, I'm looking for a good combo along with an AMD Ryzen 3700X. I've wanted to upgrade my PC for about 6 Months now. CURRENT SETUP: - CPU: i5-4570 (Stock cooler) - Mobo: ASUS Z87-C (Rev 1.xx) - RAM: 2x4GB from one vendor and 2x4 GB from another (DDR3 something) - GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB from Gigabyte - Power supply: Something with 450 Watt from BeQuiet - Samsung 860 EVO Sata SSD and some WD Blue HDDs - Badly cooled case - OS: Manjaro Linux (currently on Kernel 4.19, but I can upgrade that) The whole PC is about 4 years old and the OS running for about 3 years without reinstall. I originally started out with 2 HDDs and a 750 Ti. Later I upgraded that and the RAM (hence two different kits). I never had a problem with the PC (runs rock solid). TYPICAL WORKLOAD: - Mainly playing Overwatch (using Lutris (Wine and DXVK)). - Sometimes gameplay recording using OBS and NVEnc (shadowplay'ish). - Converting Videos using ffmpeg (mostly from H264 to H264) - Developing (e.g. doing compilation of source code) UPDATE REASON (maybe skip this): The CPU runs well, but usually at 50°C on Idle which can be blamed on both the stock cooler and the case (which isn't ideal and not in an ideal spot, too). In the long run, I plan to try 120/144 Hz gaming since I only heard good things about it. When playing Overwatch the GPU is literally bored at about 30% while the CPU is maxed out on most cores. The CPU always reaches 3,4 GHz on all cores never more or less (4/4 cores/threads, 3,2Gz base, 3,6 boost). Since DXVK translates DX11 to Vulkan, there is certainly some CPU-Overhead involved. I'm currently starting to work more and more with C-Projects (Programming) and the insane cache and resulting performance will be very nice. CURRENT PART SELECTION: I decided on the 3700X and went to look for Mainboards on EBay and Amazon. On Amazon, I found this Mainboard (ASUS ROG Strix B450-E) which seems to have enough VRM-Cooling for the CPU. I know that I can get down to 90€ on EBay, but I'm not sure whether they will to will with meeting the demands of the 3700X (I would like to boost as much as is possible without any special settings). I will probably use the Be Quiet BK008 as cooler which should be plenty and offer a nice boost over the stock one. I probably won't be wrong even if the stock cooler will do well, too. For RAM, I'll probably go this Kit. Though I'm not sure about the timings but it should suffice. QUESTION: Is the planned stuff good or am I making a major mistake that I should look out for. My PSU should in theory have no problem with the new combo, too. Is the extra cooler worth it, or it useless for such a build? (I consider less noise as useful) Mainly knowing, whether the Mobo is a fatal error would be nice. Can it cope ok (not perfect) with the CPU? I'll probably purchase the stuff tomorrow (in about 14 hours). GOALS WITH IT: Compile lots of stuff (own linux kernel compilation). Trying some more AAAs I've never come to play. Looking for a 120/144 Hz Monitor in near future if the performance is sufficient for that.