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  1. hello, Sorry this thread is old, but I do have a question that surrounds just about all of this.. please pardon my ignorance, Say you have a titan, knowing its limits with the 384bit buffer in a gaming environment. If the "tunnel" is too small for a gaming environment due to the constant rapid I/O required(visual and processing). How would it vary in say a video editing or CAD application that is design to take advantage of the large vram. The rendering itself can be pretty slow depending on model size and or effects. With that said, wouldn't you now be able to take advantage of the remaining memory since the I/O to it is a different nature? The application itself is written to. Due to the nature being CAD/video editing, wouldn't that now allow full 6gb advantage since you're not "seeing" the effects going on, and the time to process being at a slower rate? thank you Edit: grammar