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  1. Adding an SSD is an easy task which I know will work 100% ........ This whole project is more like an experiment than a necessary upgrade
  2. I know I am looking to improve just the CPU though I don't really mind the GPU that is in there
  3. Wow thanks for writing all that ........So does that reduce the chance of the new CPU being compatible with my motherboard or no?
  4. took a look at the site, do you know what the steppings are? (DA-C3 and BL-C3) I am looking to upgrade to the phenom II N970 but it is not in the same stepping category. Do you know if that is going to be a problem?
  5. I am looking to upgrade my laptop's cpu, but while i was doing a little research i came across some forums saying that changing a laptop's cpu even though compatible with the motherboard the system might not work. My laptop is a sony vaio VPCEE4E1E model number PCG-61611M with an AMD Athlon II P360 dual core @ 2.3GHz 4gb ram and an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 series. An old system I know but i would like to experiment and if possible make it better is there a way to test if any CPU's are compatible with my motherboard? Thanks to everyone who takes the time to answer !!!!
  6. Thank you all for your help! But all i needed was a bios update (i tried a couple of your suggestions till gigabyte replied to my ticket and told me to update the bios) All in all the system is up and running (sorry for not respponding i just started college so i don't have much time in my hands )
  7. Recently i bought a samsung 750 evo 250gb, a corsair vs 550 watts power supply and the gigabyte windforce g1 gaming gtx 1070. Once I tried installing them in my setup[ (it is kinda old so you have been warned!!) which is rocking the following: motherboard: ga-h61ma-d3v (ver 2.1) cpu: i3 3225 @ 3.30GHz RAM: 4gb of Crucial Ballistix] the boot beep thing would go off but the pc would not go pass the motherboars options screen, after rebooting the system a couple of times I uninstalled the grapphics card and run the system with the on board grapphics, which made my pc to boot into the windows 8.1 i had pre-installed in the ssd.Using an old gppu did not help at all.I installed a nvidia Geforce 8600 gt and it stuck at the windows logo.After rebooting a couplpe of times i gave up because my resources are low and i can not try anything else at the moment. If you have any idea what could be possibly go wrong plpease let me know. Thank you for your time!!