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  1. Interesting, i will give this a shot! I have actually been trying out Davinci Resolve 16 for the last month and it has very few issues with playback.
  2. Thanks all for the replies! To answer some questions yes 1080 is no problem it is only when I use 4k that it chugs. I kind of thought it might be the CPU It definitely does seem like proxies will be my go to from now on. Thank you again everyone!
  3. Hello All, My work computer really seems to chug when I am editing 4k footage from my Gh5, I am curious if it is my hardware. I edit in Premiere and I know I can make proxies to help solve this issue, I just wanted to see if there was something else I could try before I switch up my workflow. PC Specs (Dell Precision Tower 7810): CPU - Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4 @ 2.10Ghz GPU - Quadro P4000 RAM - 32gb Thank you for reading!
  4. Got it. So more RAM would definitely help.
  5. It mainly came to my attention after working on a large project that had a lot of interviews.
  6. That all makes perfect sense! Thank you for the help everyone!
  7. I did try proxies recently with good results so that might be it. I am working off of an external HDD.
  8. Hey Everyone, I know this may seem a bit out there but I wanted to see if someone else might have had this issue. So my company bought me a editing workstation (see attached parts list) and i have been using it to edit 4k footage shot from a GH5. I use Adobe Premiere and lately it has been super sluggish while trying to edit. I wanted to know if the PC is just under powered or if its Windows 10 enterprise have some wonky effect. Thank you! Dell PC.docx
  9. Ianchu

    is this a good camera?

    Sounds like a plan! Good luck! If you get a chance post some of your shots, I would love to see them!
  10. Ianchu

    is this a good camera?

    Oh bummer. Sorry not use to looking internationally haha. But if you can find a point and shoot for the price range you have that would probably be best. Anything with swap able lenses will raise the price quite a bit.
  11. Ianchu

    is this a good camera?

    This one might be up your ally. I am a fan of the Lumix series and you can get one used for around your price range. It is small and offers great image quality. Panasonic-DMC-TZ81EG-K-Traveller
  12. Ianchu

    is this a good camera?

    What is your budget?
  13. Ianchu

    is this a good camera?

    It isn't bad, just dated. I would go with the first one if you could though.
  14. Ianchu

    is this a good camera?

    This should do exactly what you want. Just make sure you do some research on good framing, focus, and exposure. Those three things really make or break a photo, not just the hardware.
  15. Lumix GH5 Lumix 14-45mm Lumix 45-200mm Rokinon 24mm Rokinon 35mm Rokinon 85mm It gets the job done for quality video and stills are not half bad. The 3/4 sensor is the biggest bummer, but sadly we didn't have the budget to get a good full frame.