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  1. Hello again! So, I found the setting to change bass from just LFE to LFE+FRONT and wow, what a difference! It's night and day. I set the center back to small however I have not changed the frequencies yet. You suggest all speakers to be at 60? 80? 75? lol On the aspect of bi-amping, from what i've read, the consensus seems to be that because the whole unit is on the same power supply, there won't be any noticeable sound gain... can you confirm or correct this consensus? One last question... with HDMI 2.1 right around the corner... would it better for me to return this thing and hook my Yamaha back up until Denon releases something with HDMI 2.1?
  2. Hey, sorry for the delay I have attached what I believe you have requested. I think having the fronts set to large would send them some bass as well? Cheers!
  3. Hey there, Thanks so much for the reply. I'm not sure how to best describe it...not rich and full sounding? 1. Movies, nothing - they sound amazing. Music on the other hand.... not a nice deep rich sound like i'm used to and i'm pretty sure I even heard one of the A9's clip(I haven't turned it back up since. 2. Yes I did use the mic they provided. 3. I have no idea - I am not even sure where to look for that 4. I am sorry to say that again, I am not certain and will have to look for that as well. I can mostly relate to what you are saying here, it definitely sounds less muffled and way more clear. I just feel like for that kind of money... I'm not sure why I would still have to add another amp seeing as my 12 year old Yamaha pushed them just fine /shrug That said, who doesn't want a dedicated amp am I right?
  4. Good evening,I decided to upgrade my old Yamaha HTR-5990 to something a little more recent.I got it for $1299CAD (reg $1999CAD) at best buy on a black Friday deal.My current speaker setup is 7.1 with plans for a proper Atmos setup in the future.Current speakers are as follows....Fronts - Polk RTI-A9Center - Infinity Primus PC250Sub - Polk PSW125Rears - Cerwin Vega E-208Rear surrounds - Athena AS-B1-1Receiver - Denon AVR-X4400HTV - Vizio M65-D0As you can see, I have a hodge podge of speakers I have attained over the years.I am concerned that the receiver isn't strong enough for the A9's... Movies sound absolutely amazing but when I tried listening to some Bluetooth audio in stereo, the A9's sounded brutally under powered and seemed overall lacking in sound when comparing to how they were with my old Yamaha.Should I be looking in another direction at that price point or do you guys think I got a decent deal and should maybe just get a separate amp for the A9's some time in the future.Thanks in advance for any input, I am by no means an audiophile and am nervous I either don't have it setup correctly or have purchased the wrong receiver.
  5. Good morning, I have recently purchased a Asus GL753 and and was wondering if anyone had any experience with it and knows if I can turn off the lid lights? Thanks
  6. I am just not willing to downsize my monitor. If I am spending more money, I'd like more pixels.. not less lol
  7. I am currently using a 24" 16:10 1200p monitor, so im not really looking to go smaller to be completely honest.
  8. The cheapest G-Sync monitor I see is 499$ and its 24" and 1080p Is going up to 1440p, 27", 1ms and 144hz not worth the 100$ extra for future forward if nothing else? I should also mention, I am not against upgrading to a 1070 if the 970 cant handle it. Thanks for the input, it's appreciated!
  9. Hey guys, As the title suggests, I am looking at the BenQ XL2730z currently on sale at canada computers for 80$ off @ 599$ CAD I am Currently running a GTX 970 and am wondering if those two would make a decent pair. I mostly play WoW, with a little BF4 and some Diablo etc mixed in. I was looking at some of the 21:9 by LG but im thinking the 144hz and 1ms might be a better fit than 60hz on a ultrawide. I am coming from a random 8ish year old 5ms Acer LCD so anything will be an improvement im sure. 600$ is around the max im looking to spend. Thanks in advance.
  10. Sorry for the WAY late reply. 750 - 1100 fps on the screens that make her squeal. Cheers.
  11. Hi there, sorry... did I miss something ?
  12. Good to know it doesn't actually hurt anything, thanks !
  13. I will when i get home - currently at work. Thanks !
  14. Take WoW for example: when I cycle through my toons on the character selection screen I can hear the coil whine changing frequencies depending on the background image being shown but then it stops once I load into the game. It's not super loud - but I find that now that I know its there I am always listening for it. Cheers.