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  1. Specs: > i5 4570 > 16GB Ram > Asus H81 - Plus > Nvidia GTX 760 > VGA Samsung Monitor at 1900 x 600 (it has a DVI port, I just don't have a DVI cable) > EVGA Power Supply The issue started last week sometime, where I began to get audio and video stuttering. I first noticed it in Fortnite, and saw it up come in YouTube videos and other games like Jotun. Currently I have reset windows (not a full wipe), trimmed my ssd, updated all the drivers (even down to the HD Graphics on my CPU). I've removed my 760 and was able to get at Low Settings 30 FPS on Fortnite. It was playable but looked ugly. However the stuttering continued while trying to watch Youtube at 480p. Today I reinstalled the 760 and was still getting some stuttering in YouTube. I experienced extreme lag on my PC when I was trying to run both a YouTube video while downloading the newest Nvidia drivers. The video, and my mouse were freaking out. At a total loss. My next steps are to 1: Remove the old HDD I have has mass storage, 2: Swap the RAM around. No idea if anything will help at this point.
  2. Resetting the CMOS solved the issue and I'm and running (I only got back up today). I'll keep it in mind if I have the same issue again. Thank you for the help LukeTheCoder05 and limegorilla.
  3. So a week or so ago my PC started giving me the error that is moving the memory to physical a drive (a BSOD with lots of text and a percentage counter at the bottom). It got to the point where I couldn't run the PC for more than 20 minutes. I let my PC sit for a few days till I could find another stick of RAM. I swapped out the RAM, and the PC booted wihtout video. I tried changing the video from graphics card (GTX 760) to onboard video and still nothing. I tried swapping out to my original memory sticks and the same issue. I'm really at a lost for how I got to this point. System Specs Win 7 64bit i5 4700 16gb (2x8gb) DDR3 Vengenance EVGA 650W G2 MSI GTX 760 Asus H81-Plus
  4. Looked into picking up Doom + Steam Controller since the deal is still on, however I can't reach the bundle page. Is anyone else having this issue?
  5. I have a Haswell i5 which is clocked at 3.2Ghz and locked. It's just shy of the minimum specs of Witcher 3 and it has me wondering: How long before minimum processor speeds for gaming surpass what I have, and how long will Haswell be on the market for? I'm on a bit of a budget and am trying to plan what my next best move is for an upgrade.