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  1. Have not used a joystick for years and price range is huge, would it be best to buy a cheap one and once i work out what i like dislike then buy a more expensive one? Have been caught in the past buying a mid range price wise item and working out i should have spent that extra few dollars at the start.
  2. I know crypto currency is the main reason for gpu's current pricing. But I was wondering how much ram pricing is a factor?
  3. I currently have a D15 in my case and have been looking at the chromax covers for the fin stacks https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B076575LND/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=A1Z5H6ZGWCMTNX&psc=1 I'm wondering if this will hinder cooling or improve it as it will funnel the air through the fins.
  4. What have you done to that poor white dark base pro at 9:22
  5. I am planning an inverted build in a silent case 900 pro. The upside down text and images has put me off in the past but now i have an asus board that i can 3d print parts for it and for the sli bridge. I'm planning on getting a 1080ti once it released but wondering where i should keep an eye out for a 3d printed cover that i can invert the text on the side to match my case.
  6. The power switch was connected, i tried to shorting it with no luck so looks like it the motherboard, but interestingly i can use the power button to turn the computer off, so it must be restringing something from those pins.
  7. Computer is about a year old and now has a random issue that the computer will not turn on with the power button. However when checking everything on the IO i found that if i unplug then plug a USB into the computer it starts up, everything else bar this is working fine with the computer.