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  1. I know if there was any sensitive information on there then someone could have been in really hot water if someone else had gotten hold of the card
  2. I think I bought a few from amazon but some I bought really cheap at a store in retrospect it was kinda dodgy I might take them back and see what happens thanks for the help though
  3. I didn't buy directly from the Sandisk site and I am now getting loads of weird .mp3 .jpg and .mov files so I think they might have lied and its a refurb which was formatted incorrectly. This would explain why EAUS is showing me photos of toddlers I've never seen before!
  4. also @paddy-stone that doesn't explain why it shows up in a variety of programs as nearly double its displayed size!
  5. wow its picking up really weird .jpg files ive never seen before but wont let me open them
  6. still not working with 'SD formatter 4.0' will try a different one
  7. yep Rufus is a no-go just splurts out 'error when formatting card'
  8. Hi! Sorry I am kinda new to the forum but I ran into an issue I thought was very weird and thought would be nice if I could fix. Basically I was experimenting with a few different Raspberry Pi projects and was downloading various ARM Linux distros and installing them onto SD cards with Win32 disk imager and Rufus and the like. Then, one day I downloaded an OS which I cannot really recall and installed it onto the SD card. I then ejected the SD and proceeded to try and boot the Pi. It would not boot, so I decided to place it back into my PC for formatting and reinstallation. Then, I started to have problems. Firstly I got an error message which said that it was an unrecognized filesystem, which is sometimes normal when installing Linux, so I went to format it and the damn thing said that it was a near 16GB SD when in actual fact on the outside of the SD it clearly says it is 8GB?! I browsed online and I could see people had problems with it displaying a smaller partition than usual and I did encounter that issue once , but I just used diskpart to fix but this thing isn't even able to format in diskpart. When attempting to format, it says that the SD is write-protected, despite the little 'lock' thing on the side always being unlocked, I tried to fix this with some registry editing but nothing has thus worked. I know its probably easier to go and buy another SD but I can't be arsed and it would be nice if I could just fix this, so please help. I have attached some pictures below also for reference. Thanks for reading