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  1. The text is also render inversed as if you're looking at text on the inside of a window..... Also this just randomly started to happen after a reboot.
  2. I have this old and cheap tablet. For some reason it's rendering everything inversed and upside down, but the touch screen is still mapped to areas of the screen as if it was functioning as normal. For example if the confirm to shut down button is on the bottom right of the screen, I have to touch the top left/right depending on how crazy the tablet feels like it wants to be.
  3. JiaQi

    Windows static screen

    Yes to everything. This has been happening after the fall creator update but I'm not 100% sure if it's windows since I have seen reports of this issue. Also forgot to mention but when this happens the speakers have a crackling sound. I might try SFC
  4. Every time I wake my laptop from sleep it gets a static screen were every pixel is just displaying red then green then blue. I attached a picture, you can't really see the individual pixels in the picture but it's more or less my problem. It doesn't go away until I force shut down
  5. Dude did you even try? A quick google search will tell you your CPU is 64bit and you can format gpt through the bootable cmd, that's on the USB!!!! Just look up how to format gpt with diskpart or how to format gpt with windows 10 bootable USB.
  6. Sorry I kinda got my answer a while ago, And since I don't really think it's a big deal I think the discussion is over. Thanks for trying to answer my question.
  7. Dude there are none other bricks and Titan batteries don't just fit in a ge62, I opened it up and my battery looks nothing like a titan battery, not to mention the titan battery is like twice as big. not to mention titan bricks have a completely different power connector, and at the rate this is going I might as well as buy a Titan
  8. Sorry, I think you're misunderstanding me, I not looking to connect a MSI titan power brick to my GE62, That's downright stupid. What I'm saying is that I have no way of getting a higher wattage brick since MSI doesn't manufacture any for my laptop model.
  9. Well mine is a 150watt one, and the biggest issue of finding a better one is that fact that my laptop is from MSI which doesn't really sell stuff like that, the higher wattage ones are all for different laptops like the MSI Titan , which has a different connector.
  10. Just so you know you won't even be able to boot a 64 bit bootable drive if your cpu is 32bit. Tried before and know from experience, at most you'll just get an error message and crash.
  11. so..... where the heck do I find one? Also....My power brick is quite large as is, so if there's no problem I would rather not, for obvious reasons.
  12. Assassin27 said it gave an error saying it required a gpt partition so it's most likely a partition table issue. Also I've installed windows 10 on my relatively old TOSHIBA SATELLITE C855D which run on a piece of utter crap known as the amd E-300. 1.3 ghz, dual core, and over 6 years old.
  13. Ok Windows 10 can only be installed on a gpt partition ( as far as know) so you can try following this guide https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn336946.aspx to recreate the partition table, if you have a linux live cd you can also use gparted to do this.
  14. Ok, So my laptop is the MSI GE62 6QF, and it comes with a 150 watt power brick. I have a unlocked gpu vbios and my core is overclocked +212 mhz, memory +595mhz, and a +75mv, and it's stable. So my problem is that according to MSI's Dragon gaming center, I am peaking at a 208 watt power draw (Not consistently). It's not draining my battery so all the power is coming from the power brick. Please note that I have been using the overclock for a while now and there doesn't seem to be an issue, and the power brick doesn't get hot or anything. Do I have an issue? Also for all the fools about to tell me what an idiot I am for overclocking my laptop that much, A) it's stable & B) it's cool (75 degrees celcius) And C) It's my laptop I do what I want.