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    31st century, New York
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    Known as John_Zoidberg on twitch


  • CPU
    Intel i7-6700
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Z170XP-SLI
  • RAM
    16GB Corsair Vengenance LPX
  • GPU
    Evga GTX 660TI
  • Case
    SilverStone FT02 Black
  • Storage
    Samsung 850 512GB SSD(Boot), 2x WD velociaptor 600GB in raid 0 (GAMES), WD 2TB Black (Data)
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    Seasonic x750
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    Dell U2412M x3
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    Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013
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    Windows 8.1 Pro
  1. Based on specs provided, ModMic is much larger that the AAA Battery standard. A real bummer...
  2. Using a AntLion ModMic 4 and the foam finally deteriorated, FeelsBadMan anyways looking for a replacement foam that fits or alternative way to act as a windscreen. What do you recommend? Additional background info I live in the USA willing to spend no more than $20 USD
  3. so i tried this, yes, the cassette automatically starts. any way that i can automatically start the music on the MP3 device?
  4. @treeroy & @Volbet This was one of those "Shower Thoughts" I had and thought this could be automated process. I like a good challenge
  5. Is there any way that I can automatically play music from a music device when I start my car? Background info for you all: I drive a 2000ish Honda, I rather keep unchanged. Its got the stock radio/tape deck. The music on the radio all sounds the same and tired of all those advertisements. I've budgeted about $50 at the moment for this project to start with. Ideal situation, have a small digital media device in the car connected. When I start the car, I would like my own music to start playing without any additional interaction, such as plugging in the device, or pressing play on the screen. Not really looking at needing to skip/seek songs. Items I have scrounged around that I can use towards this project: old gen 2 ipod touch old android phone, Motorola Droid Pro, *think* android 2.0 Cassette to 3.5mm headphone adapter I'm open to both Bluetooth or wired options so long as you have had experience with it.
  6. PC related: Don't use your computer's side panel as a test bench for your motherboard, use cardboard instead. Cisco hardware related: Startup and Running are 2 different configurations. Learn it, know it, and back them both up.
  7. it will ask for a Windows 8.1 enterprise key. windows 8.1 home/pro key will not work. you can run a windows script to rearm the evaluation an additional 90 days, for 180 days total. querying your favorite search engine will have the answer on how to do this.
  8. to prevent problems later on, make your current C: partition match the size of the SSD that you want easier to expand partition volume size that it is to shrink one.
  9. I want host my own TeamSpeak server, possibly other servers of my own. I previously was hosting my TeamSpeak server internally but have been moving between places more frequently. Looking for providers with data centers in the USA west cost area is preferred. If you have used them before, share your experience.
  10. I'm paranoid, seen too many times drives failed at work and SMART did not trip. On my personal pc, I usually will run the drives the length of their warranty. I go all out and get that 5 year warranty. tl:dr- your mileage may vary on every drive. just remember to protect your important data with a backup/copy of some sort.
  11. I prefer to keep drives to a specific task. makes the reloading the OS much easier. I currently have my drives organized as followed: OS & primary applications (Office Suite, Internet browser, AV) - SSD Samsung 850 Pro, 512 GB Games applications and associated data (Steam, Battle.net, Origin) - 2x WD Velociraptor in RAID 0, 1.2 TB total Personal Data (Documents, Spreadsheets, movies, music) - 2TB WD Black money no issue - have a second computer for the day to day, programing/ music streaming. then have a dedicated pc for games. having second hardware, then they never have to share resources. 250/256 GB SSD is a good sweet spot, enough for windows, updates and primary applications. try not to run the SSD and 100% full, had pretty bad performance with my 120GB Samsung 830 SSD.
  12. Taking ownership of the files is preferred in the long run, but very slow, especially if you have lots of data. The guide is very similar to windows 7 and above. If you are like me and is impatient, you can take your favorite linux distro boot cd, and copy the data to your current drive. and you can access the data without needing to take ownership to copy the data. Linux has no cares to Windows permissions. I use to use BackTrack 5 or Kali Linux.
  13. So the real problem you are faced with is too much spam in your email? Conceptually, You would want your email server to sit behind a gateway spam filter, to keep your storage space open for your important emails rather than use your precious/costly cloud provider space on spam/junk emails. Unless you have something against your cloud provider or have a really good deal, your decision, moving on. Most ideal, build/get a gateway spam filtering service, redirect DNS to it, then have the service forward the "cleaned" incoming messages to your cloud provider. Then sort/organize emails with the email client of your choosing use IMAP on all your devices. The lack of sleep idea, download the emails all@domain.com to a local email client via POP and keep a copy on the server. use a single email client to filter out the spam, then have a single forwarding rule to a different email account you@domain.com. hopefully something to get inspired on. disclaimer - never done this before, my midnight ramblings on the LTT forums.
  14. larger fans you can run at a slower speed to move the same amount of air of smaller fans. This gives you a quieter system if that is what you are going for. although 200mm have less variety than the 140mm if i recall
  15. you could but industry standard recommends to use new drives together so you can evenly wear-out each drive the same amount. Which lowering random failures and a better experience with raid.