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    Is it possible to subscribe for 12 months at a time for 30 USD instead? This is what I did with LTT
  2. That's a cable meant to share your mouse and keyboard between 2 computers from what I can tell. To get what you want all you'd need to do is setup a shared folder, assuming of course they are connected on a LAN.
  3. How do you know Unlocked refers to XFR as well? EDIT: See this slide, much like how the chipset comparison slide suggests that all the things are unlocked in B350 overclocking wise, this slide seems to suggest that a board with X in the name such as the X370 or X300 would be needed to actually get all the features unlocked. Of course it might also be a reference to motherboard manufacturers often adding in overclocking orientated BIOS menu's and better VRMs to higher end boards, with those higher end boards probably having X370 too.
  4. All very nice information, though all of that is available in various reviews out there - It being artificially disabled in which chipset is my question.
  5. I thought the better cooling solution recommendation was just for XFR in general? As in, it being XFR itself that prefers lower temps and adjusts clockspeeds/voltage accordingly
  6. Seems like AMD is being quite vague on this, and by extension the reviews are too... I'm interested in getting a micro-ATX board for a streaming rig but there don't appear to be any with X370, just B350. Does anybody have any idea?