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  1. nope I have all my muscular memory use to the all of that extra keys and I make a huge use of all of them using shortcuts. Thanks for the effort
  2. If the keyboard fits the requirements.. 150€ +- The mxblue are the ones that I have tested, but similars switches are ok for me then. And what do you mean with 60%?
  3. Hi LTT community! I am looking for a very specific keyboard that I can not found , It's not for gaming (I already have a razer blade), the keyboard it's exclusively for programming. So, I am looking for the following specs: Mechanical MX Blue Wireless (I'm not too closed-minded on a wired option) Back lighting (RGB is not necessary but I don't care if it have it) Size: TKL (Full size without the numeric keys on the right and no macros additionals keys) I hope you can help me here guys Thanks!
  4. Yes I saw that, any way I give up on the free scroll thing.
  5. Hi everybody! Let's see if you guys can help me to find my perfect mouse :) I am looking for a wireless mouse with one of that wheels that scroll really smooth, that thing is really helpful when I need to scroll by thousand of lines of code. Also I would like the mouse to have silent clicks and probably the most easy request I would like also two lateral extra buttons. The size does not really matter but the smaller the better since I move constantly my laptop and the mouse around the office. I was no able to find a similar mouse, maybe does not exist :( but if it exist there are no better forum to ask for this Thanks!!!.