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  1. I have 2 monitors- one is a 27" 1440p monitor, the other problematic monitor is 23" Dell S2340m- this monitor needs to be set to 1080p I have gone into the settings and it claims it is 1080p but it's quite obvious it isn't the resolution is much lower and no matter what I change I can't seem to fix it. For the S2340m I am using the Vga cable into a vga to hdmi adapter and then I used the hdmi cable to plug it into my pc. So VGA->HDMI->PC. The orientation of both are landscape and the displays are extended. Thank you very much for your help
  2. Hi Guys, Would two 1080p monitors, one running league of legends ( not a highly demanding game) and one running obs, a program used to livestream, strain the xfx amd 7700? I thought that it would be able to handle it but I'm not 100% sure Thanks Guys
  3. gtx 770, if you go much higher you risk the chance of bottlenecking
  4. No, but some kids at my school tried to start one and posted it on social media. They wanted random people to dress in velvet and bring cupcakes. Boy did they have a fun time in the principals office.
  5. Lego Star Wars 2-- keep in mind I was 6 and HOTH FRCKIN BATTLE was impossible
  6. Any other suggestions other than ethernet?
  7. Could it also just be a simple problem of having too many things blocking the signal. The card's receptors are buried in a corner behind two monitors and my huge Fractal r4- could that be it?
  8. 1 & 2 have been taken care of since I'm typing this right now 3. Yes 4. did that 5. did that 6. I'm a kid so definitely yes 7.yup EDIT: How about 8- call comcast and rage about crappy internet and how they need to fix their crap
  9. Thank you! I'll see if it works
  10. Ok so about half the time I start up my computer Windows 8 says my wi-fi is limited. I run the troubleshooting program and it says to restart my modem/router. The wi-fi on my phone works fine so that's obviously not the problem. I have even gotten a new wi-fi card (ethernet is impossible for me). One thing I notice is when I click on the wifi symbol of the taskbar, the menu on the side at the top says Wi-fi 2. Is this because I have another card or something else? If you need me to provide any additional information just ask and I will. Thank you for your help. Oh yeah, and if i run the troubleshooting program enough, or I restart my computer the wi-fi will work fine. I am completely puzzled. (i'm bad with wifi)
  11. ^^ Price doesn't matter- Feel free to add any other suggestions under $200 but above $100. Thank you!
  12. that will be kinda close- if you're willing to risk it go for it, but I would get a slight upgrade to make sure everything is fine
  13. You might want to stay away from my room
  14. 750w for SLI 650w for a single gpu If you want to upgrade later, play it safe and get the 750w XFX
  15. It's a pretty nice one so you'll be fine with it
  16. MUAHAHAHA I'm 13 and I have a 2.3k computer EDIT- I used my money from birthdays and Christmas but also made a lot of it through stocks and small jobs
  17. Will do Still gonna watch up until the 4th season though -- also heard the ending was horrible
  18. Technically two 280x's but I would preferably choose just one 290 EDIT : Like the others said some games aren't supported by crossfire.
  19. Also thought about watching it, but now I'm obsessed with Lost -- just got done with the first season.
  20. I wish I was you, my money would be better saved up for another monitor or put towards another 780