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  1. iamreyman

    Samsung C24FG70 thoughts?

    Hi Guys Happy New Year! Im planning upgrading my current monitor to the Samsung C24FG70, it has 144hz and 1ms response time. Im just wondering if any one has any experience with this monitor. Is it a good buy or should i look elsewhere. Im not in the market for a curved monitor, just a regular flat 1080p 144hz monitor, but the sale going on here in New Zealand for this particular monitor peaked my interest. Here is a link to the amazon page for the Samsung Monitor https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-24-Inch-Curved-Monitor-C24FG70/dp/B01M1DEEYP/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1514851546&sr=8-1&keywords=Samsung+C24FG70 Thhanks!
  2. iamreyman

    G-Sync vs No G-Sync

    Hi i just have a question. I have a Gtx 1070 and im thinking of upgrading my current 60hz monitor. Is it worth it to buy a 144hz monitor with G-sync or would i just be wasting my money? I mostly play FPS games like Overwatch and PUBG. Also play some racing games but not much. And if you have any suggestions on cheap but worth it gsync monitors can you link them in. Thanks
  3. iamreyman

    Ryzen RAM Compatibility

    Great thanks for the help. Im glad i don't need to buy another kit with all the spikes in RAM prices.
  4. iamreyman

    Ryzen RAM Compatibility

    so my vengence Lpx would work?
  5. iamreyman

    Ryzen RAM Compatibility

    does the cas latency do anything to it?
  6. iamreyman

    Ryzen RAM Compatibility

    im thinking of getting the MSI B350 Krait Gaming.
  7. Im going to upgrade to a Ryzen 5 1600 soon and i was wondering if the current memory modules i hve would work on it. I have 2 different modules one corsair vengence Lpx 16GB 2400 c 14 and corsair dom plats 2800 c16. Ive checked both AMD and Corsair but my modules were not listed in their compatibility lists for Ryzen. I was wondering if either of them would work and if the PC would boot up properly. With the prices of memory so high i wouldn't want to go out and buy another kit of memory. in the end i just want it to work so i can play games and edit videos.
  8. iamreyman

    What Thermal Pad Should I Use

    Hey Guys i have a MSI GTX 660 Ti which i got with a used motherboard and cpu. Since then I have upgraded to a 1070 and im thinking of using the 660Ti for a htpc but it tends to overheat when i play games. I've already changed the thermal compound but temps still shoot up quickly when i play. Even in low settings with games that are not that demanding such as CS:GO and minecraft. Any ideas on what thermal pads i should use and any tips on making the card run cooler?