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  1. DeadSurvivor

    Durable Earbuds?

    doesnt matter what type could be either or and my budget is less than $100
  2. DeadSurvivor

    Durable Earbuds?

    I've been going through a bunch of earbuds lately and I would rather spend my money on something that will last instead of buying something easy to replace. The only thing that I prefer is that it has nice bass. Thanks
  3. DeadSurvivor

    What is this worth?

    Is that good for only using it for a month?
  4. DeadSurvivor

    What is this worth?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but my friend wants to buy my ASUS VS197T-P from me and Im not sure how much I should charge him. Ive had it for about 2 years but its fairly brand new because I got a better monitor about a month after I bought the VS197T-P. I still have the box, cables, and paperwork that came with it.
  5. DeadSurvivor

    Alienware Alpha Ram Upgrade

    Yep, just wasn't in all the way. It made the click but didn't make contact I guess .
  6. DeadSurvivor

    Alienware Alpha Ram Upgrade

    It works now, thank you! I appreciate it!
  7. DeadSurvivor

    Alienware Alpha Ram Upgrade

    I am using two sticks, I'll try that now.
  8. DeadSurvivor

    Alienware Alpha Ram Upgrade

    In cpu-z, only one stick is recognized. I have Windows 8.1 64-bit.
  9. I know alienware.. I upgraded the memory to 8gb but still it only reads a 4gb stick. Any help?
  10. DeadSurvivor

    Can I mix laptop memory?

    Would this one be fine as well? http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=8067661&sku=YYBM-CT51264BF160BJ
  11. Im trying to upgrade my alienware alpha to 8gb, the problem is, dell certified memory is waaaaaaaay more expensive than pc hardware stores. I found a Crucial stick for $20 cheaper, but I dont know if it will work. Link: http://www.microcenter.com/product/409718/4GB_DDR3-1600_(PC3-12800)_CL11_SO-DIMM_Laptop_Memory_Module
  12. DeadSurvivor

    GTA V on Alienware Alpha

    Didnt do anything
  13. DeadSurvivor

    GTA V on Alienware Alpha

    The Nvidia PCSS option isn't there for when I play
  14. DeadSurvivor

    GTA V on Alienware Alpha

    Resolution is 800x600 everything on normal or off except V-Sync, shadows are on sharp, and on story mode I set the population and traffic densitys on lowest. My monitor runs at 1680x1050 and that was just horrible. Whats weird is that people who have the same exact model as me play the game fine
  15. DeadSurvivor

    GTA V on Alienware Alpha

    I got it on discount so yeah... If it is the memory, what amount and type should I get??