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  1. True. That's what I did (Well, I say that, we were looking at her iPhone at the time... her hairdresser showed us both how to do it...)
  2. A client asked me to help put images in emails. What do you tell someone when asked for this? My standard advice is don't. Not because it doesn't work but, if I advise someone to do this then they 'help' other people change their email client settings to see images in incoming email, they're inviting spam. Not upon themself but upon their friends and family and clients. Edit: So how do images work in email these days? I can attach and I can link HTML-style but is that still the whole story? Is spam still the prob it was and for the same reasons? endEdit I give a lot of computer advice one way or another and this issue of images in email is making me look like an idiot when It's clearly so easy to throw an image in an email...! I'm aware of a few things that a) help against spam but B) make it very difficult to explain the situation... Control your own email servers & load only from internal or trusted sources I think MS and gmail email servers actually load images before time then reserve them (I'd shit a brick if I was a spammer and suddenly MS&G started routinely loading several MILLION of my bait-images at a time every twenty seconds!!!) I'm sure Apple has clever ways to help too - the client who asked me for this help is an Apple (ab)user so everything just works... Making it more stupid for me to say don't do it Don't get me wrong - I don't mind looking like an idiot... If only my clients would rebook me even when I do so!!
  3. True. You can try rearm. Google Sean's guide. Gives you another month, can be used twice I think. After install, after you have the bulk of your apps installed, use Macrium Reflect to take an image you can restore next time.
  4. Got it! Bit of messing around, I won't bore you with it. Having fun trying to get as clean as possible snapshot to put Win10 on when it's available. Thanks for the link, got me moving in the right direction (Learned something - if you don't put 'KB' at the start when searching installed updates / update history it doesn't find the update even if it's there!! Lol. Not.)
  5. How many updates do you hide? (and do updates you've hidden ever unhide without you telling them to?)
  6. Cheers GoodBytes Updates checked for and found to be missing Quick methods 1 & 2 no joy Awaiting results of Long-Method #1 Notably - I can see update KB3035583 in optional updates but not KB2951664 ________________________________________ (TWIMC: I'm NOT doing anything with the tech preview version, I'm trying to get the invite to work. I'm running Win7 64 bit as a VirtualBox VM, restored an early snapshot, two rounds of 'important' updates only. My motivation is to have an answer when peeps ask me what happens when you click the weird thing that appeared on the taskbar)
  7. Anyone go the "reserve my Windows 10" taskbar update thingum in Virtualbox? I'm seeing that thing pop up everywhere but where I want it. I restored my favourite early snapshot, 1.5GB of WinUpdates but no Win10 logo on my taskbar...
  8. I've done this several times, it's my standard way to do a Windows reinstall (especially when upgrading to SSD). 1 - Unplug existing drive, plug the other one in (Best to plug into SATA port 0, probably the one the existing drive is plugged into now). 2 - Put the Windows disk in & install it 3 - Plug the drive you were using back in again. (steps 1 & 3 require computer to be off) Now you have a fresh install of Windows and the drive you were using before is purely a data drive, all your stuff is still there. it won't boot to the old Windows installation unless you change BIOS to make it boot from that disk Sometimes BIOS has a habit of changing to boot from SATA port 0 so plugging the new disk into SATA port zero is important! You still *can* boot to the old Windows install if you want by changing BIOS settings. You don't have to delete anything from the old disk - leave it there in case you need to go back You CAN delete folders like Program Files and Windows to free up space later on but only after you're SURE it's working OK (The reason you install the new one with the old drive unplugged is to avoid making a "dual boot" install, where you get the option to boot either of the two installed versions of Windows. I've never worked out how to remove dual boot once it's running that way, I no longer do dual boot installs at all.) Hope this helps, this is the way I've done it several times now, works perfectly. You will have to reinstall all your programs - Some might work but badly - can lose data from crashes so resintall all programs! GL (PS - actually there's a step you can do before Step 1... Run Belarc, if you have any valuable licence keys, save the page somewhere so you can reinstall progs after resintalling Windows)
  9. I've tried to answer this so many times. I use portables on a USB stick in a room full of publi-use PCs (WinXP but upgrading to 7 soonish) When I get home I SyncToy my sticks. Their location on my data drive breaks all the links. (it mostly works to set my sticks to drive letters after about K: on comps I plug them in to) Tried. environment variables & ../ Maybe I'm just typing it wrong... Any suggestions?
  10. Link to deal posted on HUKD: http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/novatech-radeon-r9-285-oc-twin-fan-2gb-gddr5-119-99-free-delivery-2163241 Link to seller website: http://www.novatech.co.uk/products/components/amdradeongraphicscards/amdr9285series/nov-285oc.html#utm_source=tradedoubler&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=1018132_HotUKDeals Relevant Passmark page http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/high_end_gpus.html
  11. Windows 7 Vs. Windows 7 Enterprise - Benefits for a small (UK) charity with three offices? - Performance with a single core and 1GB main memory? (Asus EeeBox EB1007) ===================================== I'm aware Enterprise Windows has its benefits for a company with a network spanning more than one site - If Ent and Pro come in at the same price, choose Ent right? but the PCs I'm refreshing are Asus EB1007 with single core & 1GB RAM. Ent says it's more resource hungry than Pro and *requires* 2GB. Is that effectively true? Now I realise the Windows 7 versions available are upgrade only - I despise the idea and besides, we're on XP so it *shouldn't* work anyway. Is upgrade-only REALLY upgrade only? I've never though to look that far into it. (OFC 10 is now in sight and I'm sure MS will donate a few of those through TechSoup / TT-Exchange too... People will say wait for that. I vote 8 BTW but staff say please no...) Thanks in advance
  12. I do quite fancy throwing Mint on one of the public use PCs once things settle down. Their needs are quite narrow and specific. The only things stopping me are everyone wants MS Office available no all machines and the odd web based service that requires IE. Well in any case I've decided it's time to take the punge myself and grab a Win8 while my ISIC card's still valid.