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  1. probs because I dropped a donation into the forum to help with the office budget... the name of the award is "office builder" lol but yeah recruitment is still up and im looking for some fun people to go pew with
  2. have you tried replacing the thermal paste? mine did that and cleaning off the old gunk and adding new actually fixed it for me
  3. over a billion now mate and its slowly going up... can see it hitting 1.1b by the end of september
  4. servers up and running and im ready to start corp inviteing people who are up for an adventure :-)
  5. I co run a pvp focused corp and cover prity much all losses incurred by my pilots, if your up for flying with me and my boys then send in a app were prity open for recruitment :-) http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/444380-eve-online-pvp-corp-recruitment/
  6. Im not 100% sure if this is the right place to put this but as its PC Gaming im sure it is in the right place but anyhow here it goes: I am a director in a new pvp corp in eve online and im looking for people to join in on the fun and be a part of the adventure, their is 3 of us as the core leadership with a couple pilots as an active community. We play other games such as borderlands 2 and world of warships as we are more of a community than a dedicated single ran game. The leadership have been involved in a lot of adventures and are very experienced in the day to day challenges in EVE. What we are looking for is quite simple, we are looking for people who enjoy playing computer games and are looking for a new challenge. We have plans to take part in wars and to take control of regions of space but as we are at a lowly 20 members we don't stand a chance, what Im looking for is newer membership to join our community and to take part in the experiences EVE Online has to offer. What we have to offer: 1: Free PVP ship replacement "srp" 2: Experienced leadership 3: Friendly atmosphere 4: Achievements with rewards EG: Last to die, highest damage dealt 5: 500M ISK for activation of accounts from this link: https://secure.eveonline.com/trial/?invc=938c3725-4ff1-4481-8a46-589fb3b90403&action=buddy 6: PVP lessons 7: Fleet combat 8: Future campaigns into hostile space 9: Advancement in corp What we expect from you: 1: You are respectful to others in the corp 2: Real life comes first 3: No begging for ships/isk My in game name is OkarasRule and the corp name is Reborn Insurgency Our Kill board is https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98405313/ To Make An Account https://secure.eveonline.com/trial/?invc=938c3725-4ff1-4481-8a46-589fb3b90403&action=buddy
  7. Been running my laptop as a file hoast for movies and music for a while and after upgradeing to more bit rate intensive movie files ".mkv" and discovered an annoying fact. After opening up task manager I am using a massive 1MBPS of the 200MBPS rated on my wifi hub. It is the one my internet service provider given me over 4 years ago and I am wondering if anyone has any advisements for newer hardware both wifi hub and computer pci/usb based wifi connections. Wired connections would fix it prity easy but I don't want to lay cables all over my house and the wireing in my home is too old for mains line based networking. I run 2 computers on the networking along with a ps3 at peak times. Budget is £150 for both items combined though I am willing to stretch to £200 if it is worth the extra costs. Any help would be much loved added the photo as it made me laugh ><
  8. Looking to grab a pair of GPUs that I can water cool with reasonable ease and that will power a 6 monitor setup... 3 across and 2 up, I do a lot of EVE Online multiboxing in both pvp and pve aswell as play the new games like wolfenstine the new order so its not a pure mmorpg setup I need but something that will knock the socks off console peasents lol I got 6 28 inch monitors already just looking for the right gpu and advice on the actual water cooling setup. Thanks in advance and I will check back after I get home from work
  9. dam that was fast lmao and thanks for the sugestions I will update on what I have chosen. about the cpu cooler... im running a corsair h100i so I don't need to buy a cpu cooler but thanks for including it into the sugestions
  10. Im looking to upgrade my AMD cpu and mobo to something that's more modern. My mobo dosent support usb3 so you can guess how over due this upgrade is for me. The cpu I use now has a 2.5ghz locked clock speed and is quad core. The mobo I haven't a clue on lol Im going to be running the computer for gameing and video editing "fraps". I have a sapphire 7950 oc edition gpu with the usual ssd boot and hdd storage... The computer runs everything I throw at it at max settings and 1080p single monitor though I want to squeeze that extra bit out the computer and reduce the cpu temps. This is where I got stuck and thought id check here to try and get some advice in the upgrades. Budget is £200 which is around $300 and I want the price range to include both a very basic mobo and a decent cpu. I wont be over clocking anything in the rig so high end mobos arnt what im looking for more something modern for usb3 and the right socket for the cpu. I do NOT want a apu as I have a gpu that more than makes me happy.