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  1. for 4 people all the mods work fine and we have no issues he has a ryzen 9 4900 8 cores, and 16GB ram, rtx 2060 maxq his computer is linked below as well as the mod list https://gyazo.com/b86b6b0024ebc26cb024456b8f2e748d https://www.bestbuy.com/site/asus-rog-zephyrus-g14-14-gaming-laptop-amd-ryzen-9-16gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-rtx-2060-max-q-1tb-ssd-moonlight-white/6403816.p?skuId=6403816
  2. Hey guys i made a custom mod pack to play with my 5 friends, and so i had all of them install minecraft 1.12.2 and the recommenced Forge download. Then mods in mod folder one of which being optfine. they all are running it with 5gb of ram and all but one have no issues. one of my friends runs has about 40 avg fps then when some things load he drops to 1-5 fps. He has the second best computer out of all of us so its not a spec issue, a ryzen with 8 Cores. and decent graphics card. any ideas of whats wrong? Thanks for any help (he also runs all tekkik and FTB modpacks with no issues) Things we have tried: changed ram from 4-8Gb made sure nvidia controller is running minecraft on graphics card not onboard graphics changed optifine settings removed and put back optifine deleted java, minecraft, technic, etc and reinstalled
  3. It does send a ping but its very quiet and often is missed.
  4. Hey guys ive been a long time teamspeak user and recently switched to discord. One feature me and all my members on my server miss is poking. Is there a way to recreate this? Its main thing it need to do is work even if the person is muted, make a loud noise to alert the person, and send a message to them (preferably in a pop up window). I was thinking something with /tts i dont know though any ideas, bots, or plugins that can do this? Thanks for any help.
  5. https://www.newegg.com/synology-ds220j/p/N82E16822108716?Description=nas&cm_re=nas-_-22-108-716-_-Product Can something like that do it? I don't have room on my computer to space the space unfortunately, and I also would like it to run 24/7 and don't want to run my computer that long.
  6. Hey guys, I have 2 1TB hard drives sitting around and and wanted to put them to use and I recently learned about NAS. I want to make a NAS server for movies, music, documents, and other files I might want to view on my phone/laptop/desktop. A friend may occasionally view something on it but not often. So a max load of 2 Users at a time. What is the cheapest NAS option that will handle this without issue? My main concern being watching movies/videos/music without lag. So its just very basic and i don't care about backing anything up so something like raid is not necessary. Thanks for any help!
  7. Hey, guys is there a way to save different placements of objects in one project. Like, say I had a table and chair and I needed two pictures. 1. chair and table next to each other both red. and 2. the chair in the table both blue. Is there a way to save both these or do I have to move them each time I want that view? Currently, I copy the project make a new .blend, and save them in the different color/Position, but that takes of space and is time-consuming. Thanks for any help!
  8. Thanks for the help guys i got it to work
  9. how do i reinstall the os without loosing the licence?
  10. Hey guys im selling my old windows 7 pc and it has a 1TB Hard drive that has all my files and the os. I know if you put things in the recycle bin and delete they are not actually gone. how do i permentaly delete these and not the os? thanks for any help! (also ive tried doing the "restore to factory settings" but i wants a boot disk which i no longer have)
  11. Hey guys im looking to get a microscope with a budget of $300 for working on eletronics in the future and cutting/ identifying gemstones/rocks and their grades anyone know any good ones? Or a good subreddit to ask? Thanks for any help!
  12. Sorry if that came off negative i was just curious about Toshiba because i haven't heard of their hard drives before. thank you for the help!
  13. I have never heard of a toshiba HDD why would you recommend them over a Seagate or WD Model?
  14. Do you know of a good 7200RPM 4TB?
  15. i can currently pull ~280 Megabits persec or ~33 Megabytes (Internet speed) i want it to be able to keep pace with that as well as i play games like Escape from Tarkov, Warzone, Rust, etc that i know can have longer load times if the HDD cant keep up so primary i don't want to be limited in those areas. (and i render in blender i dont know if that interacts with the drive)
  16. Hey guys, I have two WD Blue 1TB hard drives filled with games/ blender projects and i'm looking to upgrade one of them to a 4TB. I mainly Game/Render and ive fallen out of the loop for hard drives does 7200 RPM still matter as much vs 5400 what else matters now and what would you recommend for a 4TB Internal? Thanks for any help (Link to one im looking at but i'm worried cuz its 5400) https://www.bestbuy.com/site/seagate-barracuda-4tb-internal-sata-hard-drive-for-desktops/6387158.p?skuId=6387158
  17. Thanks for the suggestion! and my motorcycle is actually a fairly quiet bike, its the wind i'm worried about. Have you tried foam earplugs before how did these fair in comparison to foam ones?
  18. is there something like this (linked) but it blocks sound? https://www.amazon.com/Sprigs-Earbags-Bandless-Earmuffs-Thinsulate/dp/B00NC2WV32/ref=sxin_7_sk-bs-1-na_22a72f1259feb431a0ec8d42ecfb520aa961a23b?cv_ct_cx=ear+muff&dchild=1&keywords=ear+muff&pd_rd_i=B00NC2WV32&pd_rd_r=b99590fc-b708-405f-a2a9-df29aad28a87&pd_rd_w=3uHl4&pd_rd_wg=oGZRB&pf_rd_p=9d0c6e1f-0fc7-4db2-9d9c-9e8c089e106c&pf_rd_r=PY7TCDH5P8THSEFS14PR&qid=1591139197&sr=1-1-19adb3fb-fdf7-40db-b78f-c677b04bb4de
  19. Hey guys, does anyone know of an over-the-ear earplug option for motorcycling? I have tried many in-the-ear options but they are either too much of a hassle, or they don't work. Is there like an ear sock, or small ear cover that you can wear an put a helmet over? Thanks for any help!
  20. Hey guys, I've been doing a lot of research into motorcycles and I landed on buying a honda cbr650r because of the speed, the fact it lasts for so many miles, and you can get a used one for 1-3k used with older years. However now after seeing the cost of insurance I can't afford it. So I need to go with a dual-sport bike for comfort and to afford insurance. Does anyone know a good dual sport bike that can handle high speeds? Most top out at 90 and I'm worried about passing people most people drive 85 avg on the freeway here. I live in an area where no one opens up for you to merge on the freeway so you need to be fast or it's not safe and difficult to drive. What I want in one is speed, lasts long, and affordable (5000 or preferably less used). I don't plan on taking it out in the dirt much maybe a dirt path or two at most. Its mainly a work commuter/ fun ride on the street when bored. Thanks for any help!
  21. Hey guys, I am looking forward to making my first real game and i want to make it a top down 2D bullet hell similar to something like Realm Of the Mad God. And i was wondering what engine would be best for this. I want to do it in code because i want to fully understand whats going on. I've made an extremely simple game in game maker (one level, you could move and jump and i was a square with a face lol) and found it fun and want to make an actual full game this time. I have some experience with C++ (not much just done basic functions took a class in college) and unreal seems to be a industry leader in ease of use and capability. So it seemed like an obvious choice however, after researching it, it seems to not have many resources on making 2D games from the community. Is it because unity is better to learn on? I learn primarily from YouTube, so it unity better just for that? Just wanted your guys thoughts on which you would recommend to a first timer looking to make a game and maybe even sell it one day! thanks for any help!
  22. Hey guys just got my first street bike and excited to use it! Any tips on buying my first set of gear (Helmet, and other protection) Where is best? finding a small close shop? Somewhere online? What to look for? Thanks for any tips!