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  1. Ru5h

    Old Bose QC 2

    I liked the simplistic style, i liked the closed cup, I liked having bluetooth, but i also want some extra features like on one of the samsung headphones where you can hold your hand to your right cup and lower the music. I mean just some recommendation on some more modern headphones
  2. Ru5h

    Old Bose QC 2

    So i've had my bose headphones for about 3 years now, and they're quite tattered and worn out. What are headphones that are better than the Bose QC 2s? dont worry about budget
  3. Yes, I also have a gpu separate I could put in
  4. If you were going to build a barebones pc, what exactly would you build for £125-150 or is there anything you could recommend on the market prebuilt
  5. Sorry this is so late! I didnt realized you actually wanted MY help, feels nice to be wanted lol. If you haven't gotten the card already, its absolutely fine to mix gpu and mobo branded hardware, but it primarily goes on a case by case basis, for example you shouldnt mix RAM because -depending on the type- you could severely limit your performance, E.G ddr3 with ddr4 kits or issues with dual channel. but putting different branded GPUS in your system are no problem, and I actually have the MSI TRIO and its amazing. But Strix is absolutely fine as well, just go with the cheaper one as OC cards tend to only have a small increase in clock speed that its almost not worth it. But yet again its all up to you man. I wanted performance so i went high, and thats just me, So who am i to judge? btw different third partied cards dont really deviate all too much, even in terms of reliability they just kinda add on their own cooling and maybe an OC but thats about it so don't take too long deciding as its not a big difference usually. -Ru5h
  6. So i'm looking for a 1440p 144hz monitor preferably between 24-27 inch. I'm not sure which one to go for, i'm aware that the acer is an IPS panel with 1ms response time and good colours, but has some ghosting effects, and the iiyama has meh colours but has little ghosting, but i'm not sure HOW much or if its really that bad. Could i have some advice? Cheers guys
  7. Ru5h

    1080p or 1440p

    I have a 60hz 1080p panel and a 144hz 1080p panel, but I upgraded recently (see signiture) and was gonna try and go for a curved 1440p 144hz monitor or a normal one.
  8. Thanks dude. I've had this RAM for a year and haven't known this, I don't have to upgrade for a while now so cheers man. (it worked i just did it)
  9. My RAM is: Corsair CM4X8GD3000C16K4D
  10. Do i do that in the BIOS? Can RAM go over their advertised speed?
  11. Simple question, I have 16gb of ram at the moment, but its slow 2133mh Crucial RAM and i'd very much like to increase it, this is due to how as things seem to be, in the future i think ram speed is going to be very important. I have also recently upgrade my PC and would kinda just like to make it as good as possible. What kind of RAM and how much should i get? Cheers
  12. Ru5h

    Rtx 2070

    should get radeon rx 5700/rx 5700 XT because they are cheaper and a bit better. I recently upgraded my gpu, this is for my girlfriend, who wants to play games with me, for Christmas. I already have the 2070.
  13. Ru5h

    Rtx 2070

    Would a Gigabyte GA-H81M-DS2V be good enough to handle an rtx 2070