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  1. Should I download nvidias driver ?
  2. Okey! But what do I do when I have downloaded the drivers?
  3. So what do I do when I have downloaded the drivers LeapFrogMasterRace
  4. I am building a budget build. I bought a new pentium g3258 and a new gigabyte B85M-DS3H-A motherboard. Then I went and bought a used gtx 670. So the problem is that when I start the computer the resolution is something like 720p insted of 1080p. And I can not change that. And when I start a game I get lower fps than without the gpu . So for example, when I play without the gpu I get 30 fps but when I play with the gpu I get like 6 fps. Does someone know what the problem is or what I can do to fix it. Help!!
  5. Is the gtx 670 compatible with the PC? http://www.acer.com/ac/en/AE/content/model/DT.SJLEM.036
  6. Thanks Mike Soda! Okey but will the cards fit into a Acer aspire x3995?
  7. I am upgrading my old pc and I am just going to play games like overwatch.
  8. Can someone help me choose the best GPU 660 ti or 670? I am upgrading my old pc.
  9. What is the difference between a GPU with one fan and one with 2 fans. Is it a big difference in cooling?