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  1. @Donut417 My father says we are getting the bussiness plan from time warner , but they have know changed names and the names of the plans so ya
  2. @Alaradia so what do i need to do
  3. ok so what do i need to do
  4. is there any other way would getting a better router do anything or is Ethernet the only way
  5. @Alaradia i did speed test and im using a TP-Link 500mbps
  6. Hey im sorry but i dont know what that means but this is actually pretty high its usually 2MBPS and 500KBPS on the upload
  7. Hi, I would like to upgrade my wifi situation because im getting 5.65 MBPS download and 1.34 MBPS upload which for downloading stuff sucks. If people could recommend stuff to upgrade this (is that how this works you just "upgrade") and cheaper the better. any more info i need to give i out i will just ask.
  8. this just funny to watch but Push Harder?
  9. Get the best GPU for your budgetand youll do fine though i would reconnamend a 1060/1070
  10. and that monitor is the wrong monitor
  11. ya but is that worth becase i dont play FPS
  12. I want to buy a monitor but i dont know if i want a higher refresh rate or 4K i have a 25" 1440P but i want more because my GTX 1070 isnt being pushed they are all 60 FPS so any monitor recommendations??? I looking at this https://pcpartpicker.com/product/scM323/aoc-ag271qg-270-165hz-monitor-ag271qg but IDK its a little expensive
  13. I just want to know all about networking, I just don't understand anything because our wifi is reach and can someone tell me where to start out