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  1. WittyNameHere

    HDMI converter

    Is there a device that allows for audio to be pulled out into 5.1 channels in rca format while still allowing the video to be outputed. I am trying how to use a 5 channel amp and use it as a receiver.
  2. What would make a nice set for movie watching our multi purpose listening?
  3. WittyNameHere


    That's just the thing, I have never heard of this 'matching the center channel' I thought that the flavor of the sound was just similar to just the size of the speakers. I have only heard and used the speakers of the ones that I own. I live far away from any reputable seller so I have no way of even testing a speaker to see the difference. Should I match the center? How big of a deal is that? The set up I have is loud I just didn't know if any speaker just has a wow factor or if even there is a clarity difference. Mind you my main right and left are old speakers and didn't know if getting a bookshelf would just have a sharper image. I wish I had an option of know what speakers would sound like in person. Like the Klipsch RP 150's or the JBL 230's, I would have no reference of knowing if they would sound better than the ones that I have. I wish I was more experienced in this field.
  4. WittyNameHere


    Hello, I am going to cut to the chase even though everyone is probably tired of getting these types of questions. I have a 5.1 system consisting of: 2 RCA SP2700Ts ('Full range' tower speakers from the 90's) 2 Polk T50's (Rear satellites) 1 Polk CS10 (Center) 1 Bic Acoustech PL-200 (Sub) The question is as follows. I have a $300 budget give or take some wiggle room. and I am debating about a nice pair of bookshelf speakers or retrofitting my RCA towers fully by using drivers from Parts Express. I do not know if towers are the way to go or if bookshelves. I guess I have never experienced 'True' audiophile speakers so I could not say myself what is the better purchase decision. I mostly use my system to watch movies and the listening space is a large room but has a lot of dampening from the bookshelves and other things in the room.
  5. WittyNameHere

    RCA SP2700T

    Thank you; also, do you think that if the speakers are not broken or anything that I should just leave it be and ride out the life of the speaker and not worry about fixing it until it is broken?
  6. WittyNameHere

    RCA SP2700T

  7. WittyNameHere

    RCA SP2700T

    I like speakers; however, I do not have tons of funds to go throw around so I love to go pawn shop diving. I tend to find some hidden gems for relatively cheap prices. I found 2 tower speakers, the RCA SP2700Ts and the speakers look to be in fair condition and was curious about some of the aspects of them. There are 3 speakers in each tower; a tweeter (1''), a mid-range (4.5'') and a woofer (8''). the speakers are rated at 8 ohms with an rms of 130 and max of 190 watts. On one of the speakers, it has some yellow colored substance around the outside of the foam touching the mounting area. I was curious if this was some sort of glue that used to be used or if something has tainted the speaker. I would also like to know what the hurdles would be if I ever wanted to replace the speaker drivers themselves and if these speaker towers are actually any good quality wise. Glue? More weird marks. Full Tower.
  8. WittyNameHere


    Umm what wattage am i looking for in the receiver? And am I looking for a 2.1 receiver if that is all I am wanting or do I get the 5.1? Same about the speakers.
  9. WittyNameHere


    I have 2 play ones and a sub
  10. WittyNameHere


    Hello. I am rather new to this so let me explain. I have had zero luck with most of my sound equipment. I have a 2.1 cheap sound bar and sub that randomly stops audio for 3 to 5 seconds and I have a small Sonos system that I can not have TV audio for it yet. My question is do I spend the 600 to 700 us dollars to get the sound bar to complete the Sonos system for a TV use or is there better options for a 2.1 system at that price range. I have looked at reviews over and over however they will use terminology I cannot grasp. Like lacking musical bass. But anyway I have seen a lot of advertisment on this and that but all I want is bass that doesn't sound like my sub is going to implode uninterrupted audio and just a small clarity in the speakers and when you read the pros and cons most every system has a con. I just don't know what to do anymore.
  11. WittyNameHere

    Laptop Gaming.

    Umm no I can game with any internet connection.
  12. WittyNameHere

    Laptop Gaming.

    Okay, in all of the reviews for laptops they say that they justify buying a gaming laptop for portability and want to game at the same time but no one ever mentions that you can buy a $180 chromebook or other cheaper solution and use a remote access to your pc through chromes useful remote access app to game from your desktop to your laptop. I have been using it with minimal to almost no latency issues. Mind you I have only been using them on high bandwidth internet.
  13. Is there such a paring of a device that can connect to a device and headphones that could make them wireless. I have looked through devices on amazon and have seen single units but they need a ui to control the devices but is there a single pair that will auto connect to one another over bluetooth?
  14. WittyNameHere

    Bluetooth emitter and receiver

    Anyone have any input on this subject?
  15. WittyNameHere

    Bluetooth emitter and receiver