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  1. Hi Thanks for all of your replies I wanted a 1060 with at least 6GB of Vram I have a LG UM68 29UW ultrawide IPS. I'm very pleased for it, considering it was around £250. I'll discount the 4GB cards, and look at the 6GB+ cards. Is it 'worth' the extra money to get a 1070, or the 980ti? I'm considering a 1060, but I'm want to get one with a good cooler that is very quiet. Any recommendations? The RX 480 is also a consideration, but I want to get a third party one, and they seem slightly overpriced?
  2. Hi All So I am looking to buy a graphics card to play games at 2560 x 1080. I'm currently playing light games (SWOTR, ANNO 1404) on the integrated graphics on my i7 6700k. I want to be able to play games like No Man's Sky, Star Wars Battlefront, and have enough longevity so that I can play games like Mass Effect Andromeda when it comes out. My question is, what is the best value graphics card to get considering the current prices. I am looking for the best value for money, rather than the best I can afford. Here are the prices: GTX 980ti (ZOTAC AMP) £320 GTX 1070 (PALIT DUEL) £360 GTX 1060 (GIGABYTE G1 GAMING) £270 RX 480 (SAPPHIRE NITRO 8GB) £250 RX 470 (SAPPHIRE BLOWER 4GB) £160 I know these cards are in different performance categories, but I want to know if it is worth spending the extra money at my current resolution (I have no desire to upgrade my monitor for many years), or if something like the RX 470 will get me good frame rates (60 fps high settings) for a few years. Current System (I run numerical simulations on it, and gaming is only something I have recently decided I want to get into. Although potentially programming using CUDA is a consideration) i7 6700k @ 4.5GHz 16GB Ram Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD3 850W Power Supply