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  1. ZaedricLTT

    Best gaming laptop for ~£1500($2000)

    Perfect, thanks for these
  2. ZaedricLTT

    Best gaming laptop for ~£1500($2000)

    I can't find any reviews for the scan custom systems, do you have any idea about their build quality etc?
  3. ZaedricLTT

    Best gaming laptop for ~£1500($2000)

    Do you know if they might start appearing soon? I start university at the end of next month and would need one by then.
  4. I was planning to buy a Razer Blade as Linus seems to think they are a good choice. Currently they seem to be out of stock literally everywhere. I'd like a laptop that has a nice aesthetic and solid build quality like the Razer Blade. Any recommendations you guys have would be appreciated.
  5. wew lad get fook'd

    1. Reece Frost

      Reece Frost


  6. I am planning on moving the components of my current PC into this case.However the internet has told me that this case is not compatible with modular PSUs. This is my PSU. It is not modular but semi modular. Therefore I am unsure whether my PSU would be compatible with this case. Anyone have any ideas?